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About David Noton

Photographer, Writer & Publisher: David Noton FRPS

David Noton is an award winning landscape and travel photographer with over 32 (and counting!) years’ experience as a professional. During his photographic career David has travelled to just about every corner of the globe.

Born in England in 1957, David started exploring the world at a young age, moving to the USA where his Father worked on the American space programme.  David subsequently spent what he fondly refers to as ‘life changing years’ in Canada. After receiving a camera for his 13th birthday, David took his first pictures on a family skiing holiday. In 1971 the family returned to England. In 1977 David joined the Merchant Navy as a Cunard Deck Officer Cadet and set out on a journey which would circumnavigate the globe. Over the next few years he sailed the seven seas on a variety of cargo ships. During this time an all-consuming passion for photography kicked in, and his time at sea left him with an insatiable appetite for travel.

What David affectionately refers to as ‘The Wilderness Years’ followed, including a number of dead end jobs before finally biting the bullet and returning to college in Gloucester in 1982 to study Editorial & Advertising Photography. By this time David was obsessed with photography and his three years of total immersion in all things photographic was a real joy. 

Graduating in 1985 David jumped in at the deep end as a freelance photographer based in Bristol. Initially grateful for any photographic work he could get he gradually inched his way up the ladder of professional photography by undertaking work for local design groups, PR consultancies and advertising agencies.

His career continued to develop within the landscape and travel arena too with a range of posters published by Athena and commissions for the National Trust. Along the way David won awards in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in 1985, 1989 and 1990.

During this time (in order of importance!) David married Wendy, a nurse from Devon, joined the Telegraph Colour Library (now part of Getty Images) and was by the early 90s spending most of his time travelling and shooting stock work.

Over the following years – with Wendy now at his side – Team Noton travelled, travelled and well travelled some more, exploring deserts, rainforests, mountains, islands and ice caps. Meanwhile through the ‘90s as David Noton Photography licensed in excess of 100 image sales a month to the world of publishing, advertising and the news media David’s business reacted to the winds of change by embracing the early possibilities of the digital age, launching his website in 1998.

In 2001 David started writing a monthly column about his photographic travels for Practical Photography. The column ran for 9 years, consolidating David’s international following in the process.

In 2005 David completed the switch from analogue to digital capture by opting to commit to the Canon system, with which he has used exclusively ever since.

Horizons expanded significantly in 2007/08 with the writing and publication of David’s first book ‘Waiting for the Light’ and his ground breaking film ‘Chasing the Light’. The book and film launched to critical acclaim at a four week exhibition at London’s OXO Gallery, which attracted over 27,000 visitors. 

The same year saw David launch his program of Photography Courses and Workshops which he has since run in England, Wales, Ireland, Italy,  France, Spain and Iceland.

2009 saw the launch of David’s innovative Chasing the Light Road Show, which now tours the country, and indeed Europe. In 2010 David’s second book Full Frame was published alongside his second film Photography in the RAW.

David’s pictures are published all over the world and David writes for a broad range of media including photographic magazines and websites.  David writes a regular column for Outdoor Photography and Photo Plus and is a regular contributor to Amatuer Photographer and Photography News.

Early 2012 saw the launch of his innovative Chasing the Light Online Magazine, now the f11 Photography Magazine, which David Noton Photography publishes monthly exclusively for his ever growing band of loyal f11 Members.

In 2012 Canon announced the inclusion of David into its Ambassador Program by designating him an Official Canon Ambassador. David’s third book, The Vision was published in October 2013. The same year David was appointed as an official Adobe Influencer. In 2014 David was named as an official Manfrotto Ambassador.

In 2015 David presented his Chasing the Light Road Show to a full house of 450 at the UNESCO World Heritage venue of Cividale del Friuli in north-eastern Italy.

In 2016 following another presentation of his Chasing the Light Road Show in Runnymede David was named as an honourary Fellow of the Royal Photographc Society.

David has been regularly asked to be a judge for leading international photographic competitions, including Travel Photographer of the Year and Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Now in 2017 David is kept busy traveling and producing photography, features and videos for his popular f11 Photography Magazine while still touring the country with his Chasing the Light Road Show and running Photography Courses and Workshops. In addition he appears regularly in his ambasadorial role for Canon, Manfrotto, Adobe, Lee Filters and Paramo at events and trade shows, such as The Photography Show and Photokina. On top of all that are commissions for various high profile clients. Recent prestigious commissions include producing sets of images for Royal Mail’s Landscape Garden and A-Z Landmarks stamps, shooting Belmond’s Orient Express and Royal Scotsman, and the launch of Canon’s EOS 5DS.

David enjoys a loyal following from photographers and travellers alike, old and young, from across the globe, with whom he communicates directly through his f11 Photography Magazine, monthly email newsletters, CPN blogs, and social media posts– many of which are sent from the field.

These days, Team Noton continues to grow – one way or another, the ‘crew’ is now around six strong at any one time – and we believe we’ve got one of the best ships around.

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A message from David Noton:

Photography captivated me 40 years ago and it’s dominated my life ever since. My wife Wendy and I spend much of the year travelling, there’s always a new horizon beckoning. I’m still passionate about photography and feel like I’m only starting, there’s so much more to learn. All aspects of photography fascinate me; from capturing the first light of day on a frosty landscape or making the most of a bustling market in Vietnam to portraying the dignity of a wrinkled face in China. Although the constantly evolving technologies of photography demand that my ways of working both in the field and in postproduction are always developing one fact remains the same; it’s the pictures that matter.

My core activity now and for the forseeable future is building the f11 Photography Magazine. With features from behind the lens and on the road by myself and a wealth of other talented guest writers and photographers, it combines stunning photography with technical features, video tutorials, humorous anecdotes, travel notes and a Member’s Gallery.

The f11 Photography Magazine has actually become the main focus of all I do. It’s the stimulus for trips such as our recent adventures in the Yukon, Australia and South America, and quite frankly, I love doing it. It’s where all my accumulated passion for the joy of photography and over 32 years of professional experience gets channeled these days. It’s where the best stuff gets published and I’m increasingly excited about how video can be used in tandem with my stills photography on our travels to show how pictures come to be. Please watch this video explaining the whole f11 Project.