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01 February 2017

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David Noton - Exposure, For Photographers

16 June 2016

All photographers must understand exposure and how to use it to best effect. In this book, world-renowned photographer David Noton draws on his many years of experience behind the lens to present a comprehensive guide to exposure for photographers of all skill levels, enabling them to create the images they really want.

Starting out with the technical aspects of the craft, David explores how to measure light as well as the exposure modes and sensor performance available on modern DSLRs. Next he looks at controlling contrast, exposure latitude and how to achieve optimum exposure, then how to work with tonal range and histograms.

Moving on to the more creative aspects of the craft, David examines exposure for extreme lighting, how to judge appropriate fast or slow shutter speeds, and when to use minimum or maximum apertures. Every stage of the creative process is covered, from the visualisation of an image right through to its post-production.

With in-depth explorations of the exposure process behind particular shots, the inspirational and practical guidance is accompanied throughout by David’s breathtaking images from around the globe. This is an essential photographic guide that will inform and inspire all photographers to improve their images through a deeper understanding of exposure. 

David Noton - Light, For Photographers

01 February 2015

Light is the fundamental building block of the photographer’s craft: it’s the energy that makes vision possible, bathing our images with its beautiful and subtle variations. All photographers must understand light and how to work with to best effect, so in this book world-renowned photographer David Noton brings to bear his years of experience behind the lens to present a comprehensive, practical guide to light for photographers of all skill levels.

He looks at light in all its different forms, demonstrating how to use it with success: from front, back, and sidelighting, through high and low light, hard, soft and diffuse lighting, and onto reflected, hazy and clear light, David explains the nature of these different lighting scenarios and how to employ them to best effect in your own photography. Shooting at different times of the day presents specific challenges, so working under sunlight, twilight, moonlight, starlight and man-made illuminations will also be explored, as will working with atmospheric affects such as smog and light pollution.

With in-depth discussions on lighting for travel portraiture and creating infrared images, as well as an extended section on shooting the stars, the inspirational and practical guidance is accompanied throughout by David’s breath-taking images from around the globe. This must-have photographic guide will inform and inspire all photographers to improve their images through a deeper understanding of and feeling for that vital element – light.

David Noton - The Composition Tutorials, For Photographers

17 June 2013

Successful composition forms the bedrock of all great photography. In David Noton - The Composition Tutorials, world-renowned professional photographer David Noton leads photographers of all skill levels through a series of 16 practical tutorials that will provide a thorough creative and practical grounding in achieving composition with impact.

In this invaluable series of tutorials, David reveals and demonstrates the compositional approaches and techniques he employs during the picture-making process: from working with a frame, the rule of thirds, lines and perspective; through working with patterns, simplicity and harmony; and on to breaking the rules and successfully capturing that Decisive Moment.

A breathtaking selection of David’s beautifully crafted images accompanies the practical instruction throughout to clearly illustrate the techniques being discussed, and a unique composition checklist is provided in the form of a stunning image gallery. By using this essential guide, readers will gain the know-how to craft better pictures, and to achieve similar results in their own work. 

Despatches Plus, Sept 2001 - Dec 2002

01 March 2012

Despatches Plus: For over ten years David has been writing his highly popular monthly Despatches. We’ve taken the original articles and added more pictures along with David’s Hindsight Notes which take a wry retrospective look at how things were then. They’ve all been combined in an attractively designed pdf package for you to download and digest on your laptop, tablet, phone or computer. The first issue covering the months September 2001 to December 2002 are now available free to f11 Members with the Chasing the Light eZine or available to purchase for download here.

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