Chasing the Light Filter Kit

Graduated neutral density filters essential for balancing the exposure between the muddy bits and the cloudy bits. Straight neutral density filters are a vital necessity to slow the world down, lengthen exposures and use a bit of movement to produce a stunning image. Breaking waves, swaying trees, wafting grass, bustling people, speeding tuk tuks; a bit of motion blur can often transform a picture.

The David Noton Chasing the Light Filter Kit is made by Lee Filters, the acknowledged leader in the field of professional high quality camera filters. David's used Lee Filters for decades. Why? Its simple. Their neutral density filters are truly, well, neutral. It sounds obvious, but try using a cheap grad for a long exposure at dusk on the west coast of Ireland and you’ll see some pretty gruesome magenta colour casts creeping in. Each Lee Filters grad is hand made, with the colour fidelity and optical quality monitored to incredible standards of accuracy. If you’ve spent your hard earned dosh on high resolution cameras and lenses you’d be mad to put any old bit of cheap plastic in front of your expensive optics.

The way filters are used has changed since the film era, but the absolute necessity of carrying a comprehensive set has not. One of the our most frequently asked technical questions is why filters and what's David carrying? Well, to cut a long story short here's the David Noton definitive filter kit. It’s a selection of filters for that perfect combination to enable the photographer to subtly control contrast and prolong exposures in all sorts of different lighting situations.

Each filter kit contains: Filter Holder (2 slots); 0.9ND Grad (hard); 0.6ND Grad (hard); 0.6ND Grad (soft); 0.9ND ProGlass Standard; Filter Wrap; Triple Filter Pouch and a Cleaning Cloth

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Chasing the Light Filter Kit
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