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'Truffle Trouble'

Wendy's Wanderings
31 May 2016  
Driving in 75 cm snow in freezing conditions with 'AO' our trusted local. Again, we stood under the night sky to catch a glimpse the Northern Lights.…
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Rock of Ages

Wendy's Wanderings
15 February 2016  
Over the last 6 months we have been lucky enough to walk and shoot some of the world's most dramatic ancient scenery. From the terraces of 23 million …
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Vikings and Elves

Wendy's Wanderings
27 April 2015  
Comments frequently thrown at us before our Iceland trip and workshops included "So why do you want to go there? Everyone goes there".…
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The World's most Amazing Place

Wendy's Wanderings
01 December 2014  
'Where is the most amazing place you have ever been?' Working with David, a travel photographer, it's a question I get asked many times.…
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The Visitor

Wendy's Wanderings
25 August 2014  
I have a crisis both my Canon G9 and G11 have died, its a day of mourning whilst I decide what camera I get next.…
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A little minx and a minke, June 2014

Wendy's Wanderings
04 June 2014  
After the Iceland workshop and saying goodbye to our new friends we headed for Iceland's coast staying at the Budir Hotel isolated on the Snaefellsnes…
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No Ants in Iceland, April 2014

Wendy's Wanderings
23 April 2014  
We visited Iceland in March for our first Icelandic photography workshop. Until then I did not realize just how diverse a country this Island was.…
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Newt's and Tadpole's

Wendy's Wanderings
14 March 2014  
Recent sunshine has bought us all out of hibernation after a winter of discontent.…
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Northern Spirit's

Wendy's Wanderings
16 December 2013  
The drive into Dawson city an historical nugget no bigger than Sherborne found us seeking information about the famous Klondike goldrush of 1896-98. …
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Bear Necessities of Life

Wendy's Wanderings
01 November 2013  
An overnight stay in Vancouver results in a barman asking incredulously 'What on earth will you do in the Yukon for a month?' I can tell you …
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Tigers, Nymphs and Dragonflies

Wendy's Wanderings
04 September 2013  
A summer to remember after 6 yrs without one. I think it is only fair that the next 5 follow suit to make up for it! This summer's garden delights started with a lovely crop of small tomatoes and progressed to a tiger in the raspberry patch. Actually, that was a lie, there were two, drying out on a wooden post, watching the world buzz by.…
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Wendy's Wanderings
11 July 2013  
The latin name for orchids is Orchidaceae which comes from ancient greek (oikhis or testicle) due to the shape of the bulb…
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A fossil in time

Wendy's Wanderings
02 May 2013  
Walking in the countryside, don't you just love it the lambs, calf's, bluebells, birds singing introducing us to a Spring of hope. …
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Where the Gong Bongs

Wendy's Wanderings
27 February 2013  
Still no sign of chocolate here in Burma, the quest goes on! Moving on from Yangon we flew to Bagon, which is a UNESCO heritage site due to its 26 …
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Another World

Wendy's Wanderings
07 January 2013  
Burma....why go? Because it is opening up, it has not lost the innocence and cultural kick that Thailand has, and because if Aung San Suu Kyi choose …
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Life as a Roadie

Wendy's Wanderings
15 November 2012  
My butcher said it whilst handing me the steak and our accountant said it only yesterday. ...You have such a glamorous life. Funny how we view each others lives.…
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Mission Impossible

Wendy's Wanderings
14 September 2012  
It was fabulous to be back in Ireland preparing for Davids Roadshow on 11th September. The home of the creamy dark stuff and sense of humour that no one can beat. A long 3.5hrs on the ferry could have been very boring for David, Matt and I but later, with a cinema screen above us we watched 'Mission Impossible', and it was. You know the score, the ship arrives so we miss the last 5 minutes of the story.…
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Handbags and Gladrags

Wendy's Wanderings
02 August 2012  
It was time to experiment with my snaps and textile projects. I now have time to try creating ideas that have been hovering in my head for some time.…
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The Day Long Miracle

Wendy's Wanderings
01 July 2012  
Umbria, Italy - a venue to soothe and heal the soul. I managed to make the second week of our Umbrian Workshop in May. Leaving a grey cool Bristol for the warm sunny Perugia Airport was a good start after having two hours to unpack and pack again, as well as scan my wedding certificate to pacify Easyjet!…
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I touched where the earth moved

Wendy's Wanderings
15 June 2012  
David's recent throw away comment led me to do some reading... "Scotland has some of the oldest rock forms in the world. How come?"…
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