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Northern Spirit's

Wendy's Wanderings
16 December 2013  
The drive into Dawson city an historical nugget no bigger than Sherborne found us seeking information about the famous Klondike goldrush of 1896-98. …
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December 2013 - The Arno Action

05 December 2013  
A process that will forever more be dubbed The Arno Action. Arno is, or was, an affable guest from South Africa via Belgium on a recent workshop.…
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November 2013 - A Second Autumn

13 November 2013  
It was supposed to be a weekend off, yet there I was creeping out of our friend?s house in the darkness before dawn trying not to disturb their sleep.…
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Bear Necessities of Life

Wendy's Wanderings
01 November 2013  
An overnight stay in Vancouver results in a barman asking incredulously 'What on earth will you do in the Yukon for a month?' I can tell you …
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September 2013 - Waiting for the Aurora

12 September 2013  
I am well used to a life governed by the movement of heavenly bodies and the last 24 hours have been no different. …
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Tigers, Nymphs and Dragonflies

Wendy's Wanderings
04 September 2013  
A summer to remember after 6 yrs without one. I think it is only fair that the next 5 follow suit to make up for it! This summer's garden delights started with a lovely crop of small tomatoes and progressed to a tiger in the raspberry patch. Actually, that was a lie, there were two, drying out on a wooden post, watching the world buzz by.…
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August 2013 - Widening Horizons

05 August 2013  
While the rest of the country basked Exmoor is swaddled under a blanket of cloud or sea mist? I can't tell. …
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July 2013 - Supermoonrise

17 July 2013  
We had to give it a shot, the next supermoon wouldn't occur for another 14 months, and besides this year a perfect combination of circumstances.…
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Wendy's Wanderings
11 July 2013  
The latin name for orchids is Orchidaceae which comes from ancient greek (oikhis or testicle) due to the shape of the bulb…
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David Noton: The Composition Tutorials for Photographers

Press Releases
21 June 2013  
In an invaluable series of tutorials, David reveals and demonstrates the compositional approaches & techniques he uses in the picture-making process.…
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June 2013 - Milky Way

12 June 2013  
At 4 am the Milky Way will be bright in the sky over Patagonia looking south west? I gulped, holding back the urge to add "I think".…
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May 2013 - Four Seasons

15 May 2013  
I am desperate to expose. The seasons are passing and I need to be behind the lens, not chained to this infernal computer.…
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A fossil in time

Wendy's Wanderings
02 May 2013  
Walking in the countryside, don't you just love it the lambs, calf's, bluebells, birds singing introducing us to a Spring of hope. …
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April 2013 - What's it Worth?

08 April 2013  
I'd been shooting a panorama of the plain below, but as the sun steadily rose I knew I hadn't yet made the definitive image that would make this Bagan…
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March 2013 - Size Matters

13 March 2013  
It is a fact that the landscapes of south western USA are BIG; to European eyes, immense is more the word.…
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March 2013 - Take a View

01 March 2013  
First, inevitably, the Health and Safety Warning: What follows may make your blood pressure rise. Secondly, equally predictably, the Disclaimer...…
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Where the Gong Bongs

Wendy's Wanderings
27 February 2013  
Still no sign of chocolate here in Burma, the quest goes on! Moving on from Yangon we flew to Bagon, which is a UNESCO heritage site due to its 26 …
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February 2013 - Night Moves

07 February 2013  
I'm up too early. I could go and stand in the cold waiting for the first twilight glowing on the hoodoos, but it's at least an hour away…
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On the road

06 February 2013  
On the road with David. Join David's Facebook Community.…
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January 2013 - Shwedagon

11 January 2013  
One more session to round off the trip, maybe I could squeeze out just one more shoot. After all when would we next be in Yangon? …
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