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The alarming reversing toaster

Wendy's Wanderings
01 December 2011  
So there he is as close to the cliff edge as is humanly possible without falling in - although I swear that is the way David will go.…
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December 2011 - Using Filters

01 December 2011  
Filters are the most basic of photographic tools. Graduated neutral density filters, or grads, are a landscape photographer's best friend.…
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Ladders in their tights

Wendy's Wanderings
01 November 2011  
Am I being too early in wishing you all a hearty Christmas? I hope it goes well for you. My Wanderings this month focus on the joy of woods.…
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November 2011 - The Theory of Evolution

01 November 2011  
Is photography like athletics? It's a timely question as next year there will be even more drug users in the east end of London than usual.…
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BEWARE... Beach Huts Crossing!

Wendy's Wanderings
01 October 2011  
I slowed up for a zebra crossing only to laugh out loud at a council sign ceremoniously placed on the pavement - "BEWARE...Beach Huts Crossing". …
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October 2011 - Settings, Exposure & Focus: The Nitty Gritty

01 October 2011  
The location was found yesterday and I'm now in position now overlooking Preci, The colour in the fields in Umbria in late spring defy belief.…
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The Kindness of Strangers

Wendy's Wanderings
01 September 2011  
After our last trip in Italy, shooting the insect world we aimed to take the ferry over to Corsica. Why we had never been before we are not sure.…
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September 2011 - How to go Pro, Part 2

01 September 2011  
So you're going for it, full of resolve and steely determination for the long road ahead. It's crunch time, now or never; you are going to be a professional photographer.…
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August 2011 - How to go Pro, Part 1

01 August 2011  
So you want to go pro. Fair enough. Photography is presumably a passion, so why not make it your livelihood?…
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Let sleeping bees lie...

Wendy's Wanderings
01 June 2011  
We have returned to THAT time of year again - workshops in Umbria where we have new interesting people to meet, locations to find, wild flowers…
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Long week-end in the Bastille...

Wendy's Wanderings
01 May 2011  
What a month. The sun shone thru much of it, the garden is as dry as a hot summer, a Royal fairytale Wedding with an unusual element of normality that…
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