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May 2013 - Four Seasons

15 May 2013  
I am desperate to expose. The seasons are passing and I need to be behind the lens, not chained to this infernal computer.…
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March 2013 - Size Matters

13 March 2013  
It is a fact that the landscapes of south western USA are BIG; to European eyes, immense is more the word.…
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February 2013 - Night Moves

07 February 2013  
I'm up too early. I could go and stand in the cold waiting for the first twilight glowing on the hoodoos, but it's at least an hour away…
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January 2013 - Shwedagon

11 January 2013  
One more session to round off the trip, maybe I could squeeze out just one more shoot. After all when would we next be in Yangon? …
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December 2012 - Sleepless in Singpore

03 December 2012  
4 am and I'm wide awake, staring at the ceiling, telling myself I must get some sleep, NOW!…
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November 2012 - Motorway Madness

05 November 2012  
On the Autoroute passing Aix an awkward silence settled in the car. I had asked my passengers what they knew of the Papal Schism of the 14th Century.…
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October 2012 - Piazzale Michelangelo

05 September 2012  
I always feel a bit guilty returning to locations I've photographed before; it's as if I'm just re-hashing a recipe of old. Experience shows it does pay dividends though; times change, techniques change, I've changed...…
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September 2012 - Immaculate Conceptions

28 August 2012  
Dawn on Bulbarrow Hill; below lies the rolling countryside of Dorset's Blackmore Vale, green and lush from this summer's frequent downpours.…
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