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An Andalucian Spring

26 April 2017  
The view of Alhama de Granada amongst the olive trees on the hill above was a quintessential Andalucian classic.…
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Soaring High

14 March 2017  
Take a second look at the image above. Do you see it bottom-right? It's an Andean Condor, soaring high over the Andes, tiny in the frame.…
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Quebrada de Humahuacha

17 February 2017  
By the time we reached Leon I was starting to wonder why we were there. The guidebooks positively glowed about the region north of Jujuy, but...…
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Your Vision - January 2017

10 January 2017  
Frost in the Piddle Valley; not much, but enough to tinge the fields white. I did see a heavier dusting a few miles north, should I go back?…
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Kingsbury Frost

13 December 2016  
I awake in the gloom before dawn, and as always I play over in my mind what the day holds. Publishing schedules are crowding in, as ever, plus I've the Video Blog to edit, always a time-consuming task. Then I glance out of the window.…
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Into the Woods

17 November 2016  
What to do when the leaden skies of November weigh heavy? Head into the woods, where the low contrast of that flat grey light becomes an asset.…
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Maple Leaves

06 October 2016  
High above us; a squadron of Canada Geese flying south, maybe 30 birds in an immaculate double-V formation. It's a sign; autumn is here. But is it?…
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Royal Connections

05 September 2016  
I am told that 'She' has the final say on all designs. Well, since her head is on all of them, I guess She would, wouldn't She?…
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The Power of the Print

03 August 2016  
I'm spending the morning printing - and I'm loving it. I can't help hovering in expectation by the printer, peering at the image...…
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In or Out?

04 July 2016  
Did you know that Azerbaijan is in Europe? It is, at least according to Mr Ecclestone - and for that matter, so is Australia, according to Eurovision.…
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Swan Lake

24 May 2016  
The light at dawn was pretty uninspiring. We'd hung around on the banks of the lake for several hours, hoping for a glimmer. We grew colder waiting...…
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Legless in Paris

21 April 2016  
It felt distinctly odd to be boarding the train to Paris without a tripod. Surely one of the most important items in a photographer's arsenal?…
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Your Vision 2016

24 March 2016  
The winner of the f11 Member's Your Vision 2016 Competition: a young monk at Shwezigon Pagoda, Burma, by Jeremy Flint…
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The Chain Gang

23 February 2016  
Meet The Chain Gang. That's them, otherwise known as our Iceland Winter 2016 Photo Adventure Guests, outside the mouth of Ao's Cave. Why Chain Gang? …
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Deep Purple

13 January 2016  
The wind has dropped and there's a dramatic sky hanging over the lagoon which yesterday looked pink, due to the algae, but now in the dawn light...…
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The Sound of Shutters

20 November 2015  
From all around I could hear the sound of clicking shutters emanating from in amongst the tall russet golden bracken...…
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In the Trenches - October 2015

20 October 2015  
We're toiling up a lung bursting ascent, but with each step the views across the valley to the soaring pinnacles of the Dolomites open out a bit more.…
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All Roads Lead to East Grinstead

15 September 2015  
It's a sign; they've stopped selling charcoal in our local supermarket. It can only mean one thing; summer's over. Time to hit the road then...…
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Another Misty Morning

26 August 2015  
Ho hum, another misty morning near Milborne Port. I have lost count how many such shoots I've done around here...…
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la Canicule, July 2015

16 July 2015  
What was this word flashing on the warning signs over the Autoroute more and more insistently as we neared Bordeaux? …
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