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Category: Newsletters 10 January 2017

A smattering of frost at daybreak in the Piddle Valley, Dorset, England. Canon 5D Mk IV, 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS II lens @ 142mm, 0.4 sec @ f16.

Frost in the Piddle Valley; not much, but enough to tinge the fields with a glazing of white. I did see a heavier dusting a few miles north as I drove through the Blackmore Vale in the half-light before dawn; should I go back? Make the most of the here and now; it’s a mantra I ignore at my cost, so I resolve to stick with my initial idea. Prevarication is never productive, and besides, the sun will be up in a few minutes. I fine tune my composition while waiting for the light, shifting to the left a little to emphasise the strong lines of Dorset’s patchwork of fields stretching away to the east below. Check exposure, focus, settings, camera stability; check again. The sun peeks over the horizon, but still I wait, willing its presence to be visible on the farmland below. The merest hint of gold starts to paint one field, then the top of the tree in the bottom-right of my frame begins to glow. This is my moment; the shutter clicks.

That morning, the first session behind the lens of 2017, all came together as planned; I managed to convert my vision into photographic reality. Now as we celebrate five years of the Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine it’s Your Vision we’re interested in because the f11 Member’s Your Vision 2017 Photography Competition is now open for entries. The formula remains the same as in previous years. We all know that the most important equipment needed for our craft is a Photographer’s Eye; indeed the ability to see strong pictures in a multitude of situations is a fundamental skill to be nurtured. This is what the Your Vision Competition is all about: celebrating the process that gives birth to a picture, from the conception of an idea through to the point the shutter opens.

We are thrilled to commemorate the Fifth Anniversary of our Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine by announcing the launch of our photographic competition for fully registered f11 Members; Your Vision 2017.

Our respected panel of Your Vision Judges span the world of photography, and they will be looking for f11 Members’ pictures that display the most imaginative and perceptive photographic vision – it’s as simple as that. The Winners will receive a day of One-to-One Tuition with myself, arranged at a mutually convenient time and location, and there will also be Highly Commended Prizes kindly donated by Adobe, Canon, Lee Filters, Manfrotto and Páramo. You have until 1st March 2017 to send us your entries. Click here for full details of how to enter, the prizes, judges and rules. Entry is free, but you must be an f11 Member.










Entering the Your Vision 2017 Photography Competition is free and open to all f11 Members.

Five years, 60 Editions of the Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine; that’s surely a milestone worth commemorating?

It’s also a whole load of back issues; a treasure trove for our f11 Members. To add to that stockpile of photography spanning the globe to inspire and inform in this month’s Photo Essentials series, I take us on an in-depth technical exploration of that vital subject – depth of field.


Meanwhile in the next instalment of How It’s Done – Being There, I take a photo trip to a local Jurassic Coast location I’ve never shot before. Then in a new mini-series within our The Bizz column, I examine the challenges and rewards of going pro in today’s world of photography. I also as usual present two of my popular Fundamentals of Post-Production Videos.

In Part 2 of this month’s Fundamentals of Post-Production Videos I process an image of West Bay  on the Jurassic Coast using Lightroom's adjustment brush to tweak the contrast and brightness of selected areas of the image.

From our contributors, in Hoddinott’s Hangout Ross gives us an essential New Year’s composition refresher, while in the Art of Landscapes Bas Meelker reveals the wonderful photo opportunities presented by winter in the Netherlands. In The Pipeline, Ben Pipe reaches a landmark in his career: ten years as a professional photographer. Then Richard Fox provides a Location Report on the beautiful Azores. As usual there’s your images in the Member’s Gallery, with constructive appraisal from myself. And finally, for our Guest Feature we’re delighted to welcome on board Lizzie Shepherd, as she introduces her inspiring work and becomes ‘lost in the woods’, and the concept of “mess threshold”.

An image from Photo Essentials “Depth of Field in the Field” feature in this month’s edition of the Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine. The first snow of winter in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

To all our new f11 Members who have joined us over the last few weeks’ welcome; we’ll hope to see your images in the Competition  and the Member’s Gallery, and receive your suggestions as to what you’d like to see in future editions of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine. Coming your way this year will be more photographic inspiration and adventure from home and abroad, plus a whole new dedicated website.














Join us on our Exmoor Photo-Explorer Adventure next autumn.

There will also be our f11 Member’s Events in the form of our Photography Courses. We’re pleased to be able to offer again our tried and tested Photo-Explorer Adventures on Exmoor and in the Franche-Comté next autumn. There will be other events the details of we’re working on right now; watch this space. And of course there’s always the option of bespoke One-to-One or Small Group Tuition.



On March 14th I’ll be presenting the Chasing the Light Road Show to Winchester Photographic Society, followed by The Photography Show, 18-21 March with daily presentations in the Adobe Theatre. Before that though; some serious adventure somewhere well beyond the Piddle Valley. But first I’m not yet done with Dorset in winter; I’m rediscovering the Jurassic Coast. You will of course hear all about that in the next edition of the Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine. But let’s get back to Your Vision: When I ring the winners to let them know of their success the joy I hear in their voices is really something else. That in a nutshell is what the f11 project is all about; inspiration and motivation, and the Your Vision Competition is central to it. We’re looking forward to seeing the fruits of your creativity.

A solitary figure watching waves breaking on the beach beneath East Cliff, West Bay, Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England. Canon 5D Mk IV, 24-70mm f2.8 L II lens @ 50mm, 5 sec @ f11, polariser & 0.9 ND filters.

Keep exposing...

Photo: Alice Hatcher
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