'Truffle Trouble'

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 31 May 2016

In February this year we were back in the land of Volcanoes and geysers of Iceland with our photographic workshop. Driving in 75cm snow with below freezing conditions with ‘AO’ our trusted local mine of information at the wheel . Yet again we stood under the freezing night sky hoping to glimpse the Northern light’s. We discovered that watching the stars twinkling in the night sky (at -20deg) was a magic treat in itself with no light pollution to dull our view.

When returning to an old haunt one can get an all round feel for the flora and culture, it grows on you like an old mate. When I feel tearful to leave, then I know we have really bonded with a place. New friends are made, songs are sung, new music discovered and images created to return to again and again to make the soul feel free as it did on the road.

Similarly we will soon be heading back to another volcano ridden country, Italy, taking in a much loved past workshop location with epic vistas in the Sibillini National Park nr ‘ Il Collacios’ in Preci. We will drive via France (could be the odd shop open if I play my cards right) and explore some of Tuscany’s delights too. If you have watched Rick Steins travel programmes you may realise that there is some good food down there!

No other country in Europe has as many volcanos as Italy (Iceland has 130 but is not officially part of the European union) and the Italians suffer more earthquakes than any other Europeans. This is because the Italian peninsula stands on a fault line. Three major volcanoes (Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius) have erupted in the last hundred years, let us not dwell on that one!

The 2 man tent is packed, we tried a bigger size, we are not spring chickens anymore, then we saw the error of our ways, trying to sleep in a strong wind whilst holding the metal frame through fear of being blown away just was not us. Also the joy of setting it up in 5 minutes versus 30 was much more attractive to us, so we are back on the road again. The kindle is loaded up ,the travel paint watercolour set is ready. I can’t wait to find the stunning flowers that gorw there this time of year.

I may take some tips on truffle growing after reading recently that in 2007 a dog named Rocco discovered a truffle in Tuscany weighing 3.3 lbs (1.5kg ) it sold at auction for £230,000....I am going to speak to every dog I see called Rocco.....just in case!!!

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