All Roads Lead to East Grinstead

Category: Newsletters 15 September 2015

The road to East Grinstead.

It's a sign: they've stopped selling charcoal in our local supermarket. It can only mean one thing; summer's over. Time to hit the road then, except this, sorry, last summer I seem to have done nothing else. The joys of the congested M6 around King Canute's Ford and the A303 by Stonehenge have become all too familiar as I've criss-crossed the nation chasing the light on various jobs.

Last week I was up in Scotland, train-spotting again; an excuse to re-visit old haunts around Loch Rannoch, and reflect on Mother's Nature's vengeance as swarms of midges crawled over my scalp. Waiting for the light, and the train, with the tripod sinking in a bog, in the rain whilst being eaten alive is an acquired taste.

Mind you I'd forgotten how attractive the Highlands in late summer are with purple and violet heather cloaking the Glens and Bens and the low evening light piercing the rain showers. A week's endeavour crystallised into less than 5 seconds as the Royal Scotsman trundled past Dalnaspidal en route to Inverness and the shutter of my camera clicked. Efforts to capture it again traversing Rannoch Moor and crossing the famous viaduct at Glenfinnan were frustrated by the weather, predictably, but I knew that commission was never going to be easy to fulfil; they never are. It all came down to just one shot, but the client seems happy, so job done.

The Royal Scotsman on the line from Perth to Inverness at Dalnaspidal, nr Dalwhinnie, Badenoch and Strathspey, Scotland. Canon EOS 5DSr, 24mm TS-E lens.

So now the charcoal is off the shelves it's time to hit the road south, through France, Germany and Austria, over the Brenner Pass and into Italy. It will be out third visit to the Dolomites, possibly Europe's most spectacular mountains, but I don't feel I've done them justice, yet. I have to believe persistence will pay off, all photographers do. But really in the grand scheme of things Cortina d'Ampezzo is just a waypoint; ultimately all roads lead to East Grinstead.

Next stop for the Chasing the Light Road Show is Chequer Mead Community Arts Centre in East Grinstead, West Sussex on November 24. New content, new Show, maybe even a new T-shirt to present it in, but let's not get carried away. Our pals from Canon (UK) will also be on hand for you to chat to with rows of cameras and lenses to handle and appraise. All in all we can promise an evening of photographic indulgence and inspiration as we travel the world from East Grinstead to Torres del Paine and beyond. Tickets are now on sale through the Arts Centre. Failing that, next spring on April 9 we're off to Driotwich Camera Club and then on April 23, we're in the Netherlands at the Hague as guests of PhotographySchool.NL. Lots to look forward to; I love doing these shows, I hope it shows. I trust you'll let me know.

An image from this month’s Chasing the Light Online Magazine: “The Bizz; The Rise and Fall of Stock Photography”. The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany.

This month's edition of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine includes the Low Down on Exposure, a Video Tutorial on correcting filter colour casts, my two usual Fundamentals of Post-Production Video Tutorials, and in The Bizz Part One of an examination of the Stock Photo business, while f11 regular Ross Hoddinott evaluates macro lenses. I journey back to Queensland's Daintree rain forest, Bas Meelker is under the city lights, while Jeremy Horner expounds on the challenges of a first time visit to Japan. Meanwhile Chris Weston evaluates the functionality of mirror-less cameras for his wildlife work. This month's inspirational and perceptive Guest Feature “A Life in Black and White” is by Paul Gallagher; and as always there are your pictures in the Member's Gallery. It's all there for you, if you're an f11 member. If not, well, watch this video; all will become clear.

So let me leave you now with the obligatory misty morning image shot just days ago. I never tire of witnessing this spectacle on our own home patch. That's what summer means to me; traces of ethereal mist draped over Dorset's Blackmore Vale. Oh, and the smell of barbecues. Now though we've the joys of autumn, the photographer's favourite season, to look forward to, here, in Alto Adige, Romania, and East Grinstead. See you there.

A misty morning in the Blackmore Vale, Dorset, England. Canon EOS 5DSr, 100-400mm L IS II lens.

Keep exposing.

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