Another Misty Morning

Category: Newsletters 26 August 2015

A misty morning near Milborne Port, Somerset. Canon 5DSr, 100-400mm IS L II lens @ 170mm, 1 sec @ f16.

Ho hum, another misty morning near Milborne Port. I have lost count how many such shoots I've done around here, this patch of rolling English countryside straddling the Somerset/Dorset border we call home. 20 years we've lived here now and every summer I've had at least a few such sessions, so maybe 90? The thing is every dawn is different, and the sight of Mother Nature's ethereal shroud draped over the landscape with the trees, horses and hedgerows peeking through never fails to stir me; it's magical. Of course the beauty of shooting so close to home means I know exactly where the mist is likely to lie. I can seek out new vantage points and bide my time watching the weather forecasts, waiting for the perfect combination of circumstances; namely a damp day followed by a settled clear night and a cool, still morning.

Hanging around in the dawn dew is, I have to admit, the sort of thing I do for my own kicks, but this morning I'm actually on commission; a novelty on my own home patch. It's a job that's due to run for a year shooting a local landowner's territory as the seasons past. Such commissions do concentrate the mind; producing photography to order is of course what being a professional is all about. They can be devilishly tricky to fulfil when juggling a client's expectations with Mother Nature's vagaries, but that's the name of the game that's dominated my summer this year. Right now I'm in the middle of three such commissioned juggling acts; here in the mist near Milborne Port, another I can't yet tell you about, and a third shooting trains. Yep, by the time you read this I'll be chasing the Royal Scotsman about the Highlands; train spotting again. You will hear all about these shoots in future editions of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine.

An image from this month's Behind the Lens: The River feature in the Chasing the Light Online Magazine; Mrs Wendy Noton observing water voles on the banks of the River Lot, south west France.

This month's edition of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine sees us dealing with hot, hazy conditions in France's Lot Valley both in “Behind the Lens: The River” and the accompanying Video Blog. That haze and how to deal with it is also the topic of my two usual Fundamentals of Post-Production Video Tutorials. The Low Down continues my dissection of the art of exposure in “Go Slow”, while f11 regular Ross Hoddinott evaluates the pros and cons of entering competitions and reports on his long term field trial of the Nikon D810. In How it's Done our new regular contributor Dutch pro Bas Meelker is ruminating on the importance of having a simple plan while shooting dressed inappropriately in Austria, while Jeremy Horner extolls the unique nature of Madagasscar. Meanwhile Chris Weston is on the front line of extinction. This month's stunning Guest Feature “In the Blink of an Eye” is by sports ace and fellow Canon Ambassador Eddie Keogh; and there are your pictures in the Member's Gallery. It's all there for you, if you're an f11 member. If not, well, could I suggest you watch this video?  All will become clear.

An image from this month's Low Down: Go Slow feature in the Chasing the Light Online Magazine; Stoer Head Lighthouse, Sutherland, Scotland. Canon 1Ds mkIII, 24mm TS-E lens.

We've a few Chasing the Light Road Shows coming up; firstly September 10th in Derbyshire as guests of Chesterfield Photographic Society, then we stage our own Road Show in West Sussex on November 24 at Chequer Mead Community Arts Centre in East Grinstead, and next spring (2016) we're off to Droitwich Camera Club on April 9 (more details to follow) and on April 23 we're in the Netherlands at the Hague as guests of PhotographySchool.NL.

With all these events in mind I'm determined to relaunch the Chasing the Light Road Show with a whole new look. That's easier said then done though, because if new content is to go in something has to come out. Tough choices, and time consuming; last week I spent two days editing a sequence that will run for just two minutes, but I do love pulling it all together; pictures, music, video, graphics and of course the stories from behind the lens, and in misty fields. Hopefully you'll be able to tell me if we've got it right, face to face at one of these shows. I hope so. Until then....

Keep exposing.

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