The Mystery Project, February 2015

Category: Newsletters 23 February 2015

Kogel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Canon EOS 5DS, 24mm TS-E lens, 0.8 sec @ f11, 0.9 ND filter & polariser.

It's late afternoon and I'm nodding off as Evan drives us around False Bay. Still bone weary from all the travel it’s so nice to be shuttled about. After 2 hours with a lolling head and heavy eye lids we arrive at Kogel Bay and all fatigue is banished. I'd seen Evan's recce shots but now, beheld for real, this location is epic. What a sweep of wild coast, so different from “my” Jurassic Coast. Big waves, crystal clear warm side lighting; what more could I ask for?

I set up with the 24mm TS-E, a lens I'm going to be using a lot on this trip I bet. It should be the perfect partner for this camera; the only prototype model of the yet to be released Canon EOS 5DS in the western hemisphere. I have been tasked with being the first landscape photographer in the world to put this new camera with its 50.6 megapixel ultra-high resolution sensor through its paces. No pressure then.








Shooting the Mystery Project with the new Canon EOS 5DS in South Africa in December.

A polariser and a 0.9 ND filter gives me an exposure of 0.8 sec; slow enough to convey some motion but not so long that the water becomes milk. I wait for the cycle of big waves to come as I stand with thumb poised on the cable release button, watching the Live View display to time my exposure for when the crashing surf forms a distinct diagonal. I review the image; the lead in line is strong, taking the viewer's eye into the frame and towards the craggy headland beyond. I know this is working; concentration keeps a lid on elation for now, but I'm in heaven.

That was back in December. For months I have been sworn to secrecy about my involvement in the Mystery Project, but this month the EOS 5DS was launched and now I can go public. You’ll be able to read all about the Mystery Project in a Behind the Lens feature in next month’s edition of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine, along with an accompanying Video Blog and a full Field Trial of the Canon EOS 5DS.

Ladies awaiting the landing of the catch, Mui Ne fishing village, Bình Thu?n Province, Vietnam. Canon 1Dx, 24-70mm lens.

This month’s edition of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine reports from on board the Night Train to Nha Trang. Yes, since I was exposing many megapixels in the Cape we’ve been to Vietnam. That Stepping Back feature reflects on my ongoing fascination with the country that keeps pulling me back. Meanwhile the Low Down continues my investigation of all things pertaining to exposure, with two related Fundamentals of Post-Production Video Tutorials as usual. F11 regulars Ross Hoddinott and Chris Weston delve into the world of creative macro and time lapse photography respectively, I dissect the art of panning, while Jeremy Horner’s excellent Guest Feature revels in the colours of India. But really, this month’s Show is stolen by you f11 Members, because the results of the Your Vision 2015 competition are there for your own judgement in the f11 Member’s Gallery, along with comments from the Judges.

Heavy Clouds in Liefdefjord, Spitsbergen.
Winner: Peter Geraerts.

Congratulations to all the category winners; particularly Peter Geraerts, who won First Prize for the Overall Winning Image that displayed the most imaginative and perceptive vision, and Josh Cooper, who won the Portfolio Prize for the collection of images that best displayed a unique style and vision. Both win tasty prizes plus a day in a field of their choice with me; I think Dartmoor and Snowdonia have been nominated. We’ll be publishing more Highly Commended images next month, and of course doing it all again next year. So f11s; go forth and expose!

Couple Walking on Aberdyfi Beach in the Early Morning.
Winner: Josh Cooper

Wendy and I have just returned from the Far East. No, not Vietnam; Frinton-on-Sea, where we launched the 2015 version of our Chasing the Light Road Show to a most welcoming and gracious audience. Next time we do it will be an event with a difference, that’s for sure, because on May 23rd we’ll be presenting the Road Show in Cividale del Friuli at Ristori Theatre, in north eastern Italy as guests of the Circolo Fotografico Palmarino. The Show will be a dual language presentation, so if you’re in Italy then we’d love to say buongiorno.

Before then of course is the Photography Show, 21-24 March at Birmingham NEC. I shall be there presenting on the Manfrotto stand twice every day so do come along for a chat.

After that is our Jurassic Coast 3-Day Capture to Print Digitial Workflow Special 26 - 29 March; your chance to join us for a long weekend of photographic excursions and tuition on Dorset’s spectacular Jurassic Coast. The course comprises three full days of photographic tuition, coastal shoots, tutorials and demonstrations. The size of each course will consist of a maximum of 10 photographic guests guided by myself and my highly experienced associate Jon Gooding. The courses are aimed at anyone who wants to improve their photography, and we’ll have a full Digital Darkroom set up to take you right through the process from exposing on a cliff top to outputting a Big Beautiful Print. RAW processing; Photoshop shenanigans, printing; we’ll do the lot, as well as tramping along the Coast to some truly gorgeous locations. You can also expect the usual banter on the subject of full English breakfasts while waiting for the light.

Join us for a long weekend of photographic excursions and tuition on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast this spring.




Light; it always comes back to the Light. We photographers are obsessed with it, so it will come as no surprise to hear that the subject of my latest e-Book is, yes, you guessed it; Light. I look at light in all its different forms, demonstrating how to use it with success: from front, back, and sidelighting, through high and low light, hard, soft and diffuse lighting, and onto reflected, hazy and clear light, explaining along the way the nature of these different lighting scenarios and how to employ them to best effect in your own photography. You can download this new e-Book from our website here; for £9.99, but if you are an f11 Member it’s absolutely free; yet more reason to sign up. Remember also f11 Member’s qualify for a free download of my Composition Tutorials e-Book and get access to all 38 back issues of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine, all for an annual subscription of just £39.00.

Light for Photographers: my new e-Book is available to download now

We’re off to Iceland to run our two Workshops shortly; the thermals are packed. By the time we return spring will be in the air. See you on the road in Iceland, Birmingham, Dorset or Italy.

Keep exposing.

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