The World's most Amazing Place

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 01 December 2014


“Where is the most amazing place you have ever been?”

I get asked that many times because I am married to David and work part time within our business. I am asked it at Roadshows, Workshops and during Christmas drinks and nibbles with the neighbours. The world is vast, its diversity immense, every environment has its own surprises and individual ‘flavour’.

This year our travels have taken us from Scotland, Iceland, France, Exmoor to Sequoia National Park in the US and the Jurassic coast in Dorset. And I enjoyed every single place for their individual flora, fauna and nuances of light that brings the landscapes to life at the happy hours of dawn and dusk.

How can I possibly compare the romance of Scottish history whispering amongst some of the oldest mountains on the planet or the elemental rawness of lagoons, waterfalls, coastal cliffs bathed in guano in Iceland (one of the youngest country’s) or not forgetting the amazing wildlife of deer, bobcat, bears, chipmunks we encountered in Sequoia NP in the US.

There was also the finding of a 350million year old fossil (give or take a year) on the beach at Lulworth contrasting with the joy of a day shopping in Bordeaux with a friend (well clearly it would not be with David!) followed by a French meal in the Restaurant du Loup (Restaurant of the Wolf) finishing with something chocolaty with dessert wine! (Well someone had to do it).

All these things are special by their very diversity which sets them apart from each other competing for the title of the ‘most amazing place’.  I suppose the most amazing place would be ‘here and now’ before we become so populated & materialistic that we fail to see it! The most amazing place must be where I am right now (writing this at 3am because I can’t sleep!) well maybe not, but I did just hear an owl as I was looking out the window at the stars.

Having watched the news last week about ‘Black Friday’s’ shopping madness, how we sometimes value possessions above all else mades me realise that the most amazing place I have ever been can only be ‘The moment, and that is now’ which means really taking in our surroundings at any given time . Maybe I am suffering through lack of sleep!!! But it is all too easy not to notice the trees in the mist on the drive to work, or the owl or fox that cries out in the night because we are too busy racing around like 2 headed chickens trying to get the presents etc.

So that Owl from where I am sitting is a rare and privileged thing. So sorry to disappoint but I simply cannot answer that question. 

Wherever you all are this Christmas, whatever the weather, enjoy its uniqueness, find your own space, plan your next holiday/weekend away for 2015 and above all enjoy the silly season.

May I take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to meeting you all again soon.  

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