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Category: Wendy's Wanderings 25 August 2014

I have a crisis both my G9 and G11 have died, its a day of mourning whilst I decide what camera I get next. I hope to have something by next month.  As Brits we are always too quick to moan about the weather, but this Summer there is no excuse, it has been a stonker.  Regular early morning garden jaunts before sitting in front of a computer in the office or as a health worker sets the world to rights as I pick constant raspberries, plums, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes (‘Anyone want any!!!’).

It was whilst we had our nieces to stay that we encountered a rather beautiful visitor. Newly hatched with glistening wings the dragonfly took the time to land on my arm, sitting for all of 10 minutes whilst Alice ‘played’ with David’s camera (an honour indeed) working on macro shots of the said creature that became known as’ Chardonnay’. All the family took time to enjoy the sun and gaze in delight at this most perfect of creatures as it watched us, watching her watching us! I mentioned to my sister in law in jest “Lets hope the birds don’t get her”.




We have had another visitor from South Africa staying with us too, a flycatcher who defies aero dynamics by darting here, there and everywhere catching insects on the wing, (I think you know whats coming) I can only say he must have superb eyesight because he never seems to miss. I find it amazing to know that he has flown almost 5000 miles just to hang out in our garden to catch insects.’Don’t they have them in South Africa?’ I mean, he left it all behind to travel solo. He did not even bring a mate along. Imagine my delight almost 6 weeks into his stay when miraculously he became a pair (maybe she flies slower!) and we continue to enjoy their unique chatter at dawn and dusk.

We revel in our guest’s proximity, they almost become friends. ‘But wait, what is this, did that just happen? I don’t believe it!’ Chardonnay is taking flight we all gasp ‘Ah’ what a beauty when “Hell, did that just happen? Don’t tell the girls.......what did they see?” We don’t know whether to don suitable sad expressions or laugh, this is obsurd. Chardonnay was no more, she lasted all of a few hours the flycatcher was there in an instant, swallowed whole, wings discarded. You can go off your visitors sometimes!

In the words of Shakespeare; unbidden guests are often welcomest when they are gone. Alice had captured her beauty we had revelled in her newness and grace but her beauty was fleeting.

I think the flycatchers will be packing their bags and flying back south soon. I guess on reflection, now is the moment and the moment is now, do what you enjoy NOW before the summer goes. I am going to go out and pick more raspberries....

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