Cold as Ice, June 2014

Category: Newsletters 09 June 2014

Ice on the black sand beach at Jökulsárlón,
Eastern Iceland.
Canon 5D mkIII, 24-70mm lens @ 44mm,
4 secs @ f16, Little Stopper filter.

Why, with just a couple of weeks until the summer solstice are we sending you this newsletter headed with a cold picture of ice, all blue and wintery? Well I could say it’s for the benefit of our recipients south of the equator who are fast approaching mid-winter's day, but really without beating around the bush it’s all because we've just gone Live with bookings for our Iceland 2015 Workshops. Next late February/early March as the dark days of winter lift we'll be running two 7day/6night Iceland Photography Adventures. Following the success of this year's Adventure it had to happen again. We've learnt from the experience, made a few tweaks and the framework for 2015 is now in place for you to peruse. You can even watch a short icy video, but if you're tempted I wouldn't prevaricate; our 2014 course sold out in 48 hours.

So what happened to May? Our apologies; somehow in between trips to Paris, Jersey and the Scottish Highlands, Road Shows in Preston, Newbury and Nottingham, shoots in the woods of Dorset, filming print tutorials in London and the not inconsiderable tasks of creating and editing fresh content in the form of images, words and video footage for both the May and June Issues of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine the May Newsletter just didn't happen. Sorry. Now by the time you read this we'll be in a tent in the Pyrenees. Really it’s madness. I'm not getting any younger, and I really do enjoy sitting in our own garden, but every month there's a new edition of the Online Magazine to publish for our merry band of f11 Members, and they, you, hopefully, deserve fresh innovative new content.

An image from a feature on planning a shoot in month’s Issue of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine; The Pelourinho in the old town of Salvador, Bahia. Brazil.
Canon 5D mkIII, 35mm lens, 1/30 sec @ f3.5, ISO 1600.

Take this month's issue for example. Following the first part of the Video Tutorial on using tilt & shift lenses we filmed in Paris for the May issue. Part Two sees me tilting in the Lin of Tummel, plus there's the usual two Fundamentals of Post-Production Video Tutorials. My Behind the Lens feature and Video Blog take you to Iceland, while the conclusion of the Seeing the Light series trespasses on Royal property at Balmoral. The Low Down reports from Salvador in Brazil on the importance of planning, while f11 regular David Taylor ruminates on comfort zones in Zanzibar. In his latest column renowned fellow pro Ross Hoddinott takes us to the Galapagos to photograph boobies; I didn't know he was that kind of photographer. The June Issue Guest Feature is by Paul Kenny on his innovative Seaworks project; the Bizz examines the strange art of keywording, and of course there are your images in the Member’s Gallery. The Chasing the Light Online Magazine is published monthly exclusively for our f11 Members, who have access to each and every feature, tutorial and video in all 29 (and counting) back issues.

An image from this month’s Issue of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine; pine trees on the Balmoral Estate, Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Canon 5D mkIII, 70-200mm lens @ 200mm, 1/8 sec @f16.

It was in the Scottish Highlands during May that the photography bug bit deep, so deep back in 1980 that life would never be the same again. Since 2006 we've been in Italy in May, and I'd almost forgotten just how beautiful the area around Deeside, Pitlochry and Loch Rannoch is this time of year. One morning just a couple of weeks ago I spent 3 hours messing about crouched by the tripod in the Lin of Quoich while Wendy basked in the warm sun on a rock by the falls. As we saddled up to hike on to the foot of the Cairngorms I glanced at my watch. As usual I thought we'd stopped for some 20 minutes, but no, as Wendy observed with well-worn patience, we'd been there for 3 hours. That's photography for you; utterly engrossing, captivating and liberating. I think Wendy agrees.

Wood anemones at the
Lin of Quoich, Deeside,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Canon 5D mkIII, 70-200mm lens @ 100mm, 0.6 secs @f22. Polariser and 0.9 ND filters.


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