A little minx and a minke, June 2014

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 04 June 2014

After the Iceland workshop and saying goodbye to our new friends we headed for Iceland’s coast staying at the Budir Hotel isolated on the Snaefellsnes peninsula on an outcrop of coast along the waves of mountain range and sea. The Hotel was stuck in a pleasant peaceful time warp with a bar lounge with views over the mountains and coast to die for.



We explored the coast further west stopping at the town of Arnastapi a 2.5km walk hugging the coast took us all day! We watched kittiwake’s, thousands of them courting finding a mate and choosing their nesting sites on the volcanic basalt outcrops. Wave’s crashing on the steps below formed from volcanic lava flow thousands of years ago. When the sea retreated in between the wave’s, colours emerged starting from pink, purple, yellow through to green. Irelands Giants Causeway, eat your heart out!

I have seen coasts in so many wonderful places but this has to beat them all for drama, there is no visitor centre here, just us, birds, and an inquisitive little minx who watched us from afar, but this one was not wearing heels!!

In the shops in Reyjavik they sell Trolls…everywhere, all sorts of weird and wonderful size and shapes ‘What is it with Iceland, do they truly think trolls exist?’

Two days later our last evening here David is writing so I take a walk along the coast not far from our hotel at Budir on the west coast. The sea is so calm I know it is good conditions to see dolphins, I look out with intent and very soon spot a fin, I realise I was wishing so hard to see a big fish that I must have imagined it. Five minutes later I see it again followed by a shiny back as the 10 metre minke whale gracefully slides back into the depths…….I am beside myself, there is no one here to share it with. I watch it for 25 minutes until a Swedish couple arrive, I gesticulate to them my arms out stretched looking like a mad fisherwoman who has caught a fish this big when really it’s a mino!! Once within talking distance I explain how I had been watching the whale for sometime not far from the shore, I don’t think they believed me until it breached again and they spotted it. I left them to savour the experience alone.


We will be back next year with the workshops fully aware that we can have all weathers but in between the snow, rain and grey days there is blue sky, sun and pure magic here, (view David’s f11June Magazine Iceland video blog) in the shops in Reyjavik they sell trolls because they supposedly live here, I thought that was ridiculous but then I saw them everywhere, in so many aspects of the landscape. This one found me whilst I was shooting close ups of metallic volcanic rock, what do you think, was it my imagination?  

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