Newt's and Tadpole's

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 14 March 2014

Recent sunshine has bought us all out of hibernation after a winter of discontent. We returned from a night out recently to find 2 newts having a party in our porch, well one was, the other played dead (they do that!). The next day I discovered frogspawn in our pond…new beginnings.

I was in London a few days ago on a girlie weekend of shopping, eating and a spa hour. London looked like Paris in the spring from a 60s technicolor film, totally beautiful, all around there was hope in the air and people in Summer clothes lying in Hyde Park a kind of madness had taken hold, a universal sigh of relief was floating over the Thames.

For those of you who suffered greatly after the wind and rain believe me, many have thought of you and still are. Never has Somerset looked like it, not in my lifetime anyway. My car narrowly missed being squashed when a huge tree fell on our local garage….the day I chose to have a car service! There was a tense couple of hours whilst the road was closed before I realised it had not been damaged but it showed me how life is transient and no amount of health and safety can prepare us for everything….actually I would not have minded a new car…!

Anyways the winter hibernation period found me experimenting with one of my Yukon snaps taken on my G11. I processed it using Photoshop and got arty using Filter-Distort-Wave Mode, creating movement.  I then got lost with the autumn colours and texture by experimenting with stitch. It will become another kindle cover I think I am heading for 4 of these, one for each season!

Anyone can print to textile your image can be used for all manner of things afterwards as long as you use an inkjet printer. A4 or A3 paper sprayed outside with 505 glue and after ironing your textile linen, silk, cotton (non manmade are best) attach it to your paper and carefully trim the sides with a sharp circular blade.

Then feed it through your printer, be careful there are no threads left behind this could come out on your print the next time around. In my case that could end in divorce!! Be warned! (image of textile piece)

We met a lot of you over the last few weeks at the Excel Travel and Adventure Show in London, the NEC and our recent talk at Corsham it was great to share our photography tales with you and hear of some of yours too. We are off to Iceland next week for a workshop and a few days to ourselves too, we hope to share our adventures with you shortly.

Be brave, have a play and enjoy, rest assured it will be warmer here than Iceland!! 

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