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Your Vision

 A woman in Kerala, India by Freda Hocking of Berkshire.
The Overall Winning Image of the f11 Member’s Your Vision Competition displaying the most imaginative and perceptive vision.

You're pretty good aren't you? The results speak for themselves; just look at the quality of the images, all done by you, the growing band of f11 Members. Freda Hocking's superb portrait of a noble faced Keralan lady (above) is one of those images that just stays with you, and a perfect example of what the Your Vision Competition is all about; imaginative and perceptive photographic vision. This stunning winning image made an immediate impression on all the Judges. It is one of those images destined to stand the test of time, a truly captivating picture. Well done Freda.

We are thrilled to commemorate the Second Anniversary of the launch of our Chasing the Light Online Magazine by announcing the Winners of the f11 Member's Your Vision photographic competition. We received a fantastic standard and spread of entries from our f11 Members covering a stunning range of landscape and wildlife subjects. The winning and highly commended images are presented along with comments on each from both the Photographer and Judges in a special Member’s Gallery in this month's Issue of our Chasing the Light Online Magazine, published exclusively each month for our f11 Members.

A French farmer peeling garlic by Bruce Alexander from California, USA.
Winner of the Portfolio Award.

In fact, so impressed were we by the quality of the images that we decided to add a further category to the competition, a Portfolio Award for the collection of images displaying the most imaginative and perceptive vision. This was to take into account those who had sent a particularly strong submission, as had the first winner of this category Bruce Alexander from California. Bruce's portfolio of images fitted the brief of the Competition perfectly, with a selection of beautifully observed and executed images ranging from the Galapagos to Big Sur and a French market. Bruce wins a day in the field dawn to dusk with me, as does Freda. Which field; we're currently deciding, the world is your oyster Freda, and its likely Bruce and I will be venturing into Yosemite later this year.

Road to Bushmills by David Nixon from Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Winner of the Best Composition Award.

Judging a competition is a fascinating experience, particularly when the quality of the entries is so stimulating. Our panel of Judges from diverse corners of the photographic profession really agonised over our decisions, so many entries just missed out by a hair's breadth. David Nixon's Road to Bushmills image narrowly won the Best Composition Award. Actually I have to admit to taking a liberty with that caption based on my enthusiasm for a certain amber product from that region, but on the basis that all roads in Ireland could lead to Bushmills I hope he'll let me off.  


I'd like to think Lorraine Heaysman's haunting Moon Over the Seven Sisters image which won the Best Use of Light Award came about as a result of reading the feature on moonlight in the Chasing the Light Online Magazine. Tell me it’s so Lorraine! She certainly made a wonderful job of capturing the mood and retaining all the precious highlight and shadow detail.

The moon over the Seven Sisters
by Lorraine Heaysman of Worthing, Sussex.
Winner of the Best Use of Light Award.



Saskia Jans from the Netherlands imaginative image of falling leaves evokes the joy of an autumnal walk in the woods, and was the natural winner of the Best Capture of the Decisive Moment. It was an image that was several judge's favourite. In the end the winners stood out, but we wanted to award prizes to so many more.

Falling leaves by Saskia Jans of the Netherlands.
Winner of the Best Capture of the Decisive Moment

You can see all the winners and highly commended images in the special Member's GalleryAll in all it was great way to mark the f11 Membership's Second Anniversary. I'd like to gather all our f11 Members together to celebrate, but as they span the globe from Uppsala to New South Wales and Worthing to California that may prove tricky.Two years? I can't believe it, and yet here we are publishing Issue 25 of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine.  Here's Editor Freya Dangerfield with a roundup of what's on offer this month:

FD: First up, we’re introducing a new ‘Four Days In…’ special, in which David will visit a unique city location and spend four days sampling the photo delights there. To that end, in early December David visited Prague and in this month’s Behind the Lens article and Video Blog he shares with us his experiences chasing the light in this beautiful city.

An image from “4 Days in Prague”; a Behind the Lens feature and Video Blog in this month’s Issue of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine.
The Charles Bridge at dawn, Prague, Czech Republic.
Canon 5D mkIII, 70-200mm lens.

In our regular Seeing the Light series David continues writing about his latest passion for ‘shooting stars’, including a whistle-stop tour of the heavens. In this month’s Stepping Back we are transported to the breath-taking Milford Sound in New Zealand, as David recalls his trip there in 1999 and the benefits of returning to re-work a location. And there are David’s usual two Fundamentals of Post-Production Video Tutorials.

This month’s Fundamentals of Post Production Video Tutorials looks at the nitty gritty of resizing images.

f11 regular Lucie Debelkova has contributed this month’s How It’s Done, describing how she captured her inspirational shot of the Rock Arch in Wadi Rum. In The Bizz, I present an Opinion piece on whether we are really witnessing the Death of Photography, with contributions and opinions from various pros. And for our Guest Feature, renowned landscape photographer David Taylor explains the role his place of birth – Northumberland, UK – has played in his photographic journey.

DN: We at DNP all feel that the Chasing the Light Online Magazine has now, after two years, really come of age. We hope you agree, and of course we always welcome our f11 Member's feedback, contributions and suggestions. If you are not yet a Member all the evidence suggests you're missing out. For just £36 a year you could be part of it, or, if you just want to dip your toe in the water, you can always purchase individual editions of the Online Magazine to try it out. We also have a sample edition you can look at by signing up for a free trial.

Rapa River Delta from Mount Skierfe
by Lebing Gong from Uppsala, Sweden.
A Highly Commended image.

We’d like to thoroughly congratulate and thank all the Winners and everyone who entered, as well as thank the Judges for their assistance in both the judging and contribution of prizes. Our 2014 f11 Member’s Competition will be launching soon, so watch this space for further details. Any images sent in for the f11 Member's Gallery from now on will automatically be entered.

I'm writing this in Salvador, Brazil. I fly home tonight from a trip that has had some real highs, and some desperate lows. You'll be hearing all about that next month. But finally let’s just mention events that are coming up soon. From February 13-16th I'm presenting every day at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show at ExCel London.  I’ll be presenting “Round the World in 40 Minutes” each day on the main Photobox stage and giving two talks each day on the CVP stand. Wendy will also be camping out on the Paramo stand, where we’ll hope you drop by for a chat.

Gwithian Seascape by Demelza Mitchell from Wokingham. Aanother Highly Commended image.

Following that Kingswood Photographic Society hosts our Chasing the Light Road Show in Corsham, Wiltshire on Saturday February 22nd. Then in March I'm talking at 12pm in the Studio at the Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham on 1st March. That's followed closely by our Capture to Print Jurassic Coast Digital Workflow Special Workshop 6th-9th March. We still have a few places left on that course, so if you want to immerse yourself in photographing one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world AND improve your post production skills this is the course for you. We’ll have a full Digital Darkroom set up to take you right through the process from exposing on a cliff top to outputting a Big Beautiful Print. RAW processing; Photoshop shenanigans, printing; we’ll do the lot, as well as tramping along the Coast to some truly gorgeous locations.

After that we're off to Iceland, and then the Road Show rocks up in Newton Abbott on April 6th. Lots of stuff happening then. But underlying it all is the passion for photography. It’s that passion which drives us, as our f11 Members have so ably illustrated this month, with Your Vision.

Lion shaking head, Masai Mara, Kenya
by Ginny Scholes  from somewhere afloat.
Another Highly Commended image.

Keep exposing.

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