December 2013 - The Arno Action

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The Arno Action

Mupe Bay, Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England.
Canon 5D mkIII, 24mm TS-E lens, 2 mins @ f8,
Big Stopper and linear polarising filter.

It is a process that will forever more be dubbed The Arno Action. Arno is, or was, an affable guest from South Africa via Belgium on our recent Jurassic Coast Capture to Print Digital Workflow Special  Workshop who had inadvertently strayed into the bottom corner of Peter's frame. Personally I think Arno crouched by his tripod added a human dimension and scale to Peter's image looking along the coast from Man O War Bay, but the others disagreed and so, during the Photoshop demonstration on the use of Content Aware Fill, Arno was no more; cloned and replaced by innocuous pixels of sand and pebbles on the beach below. Just to be sure I showed the surviving Guests how to use Actions to really speed up the Work Flow and Arno became immortal as he was brought back from the History palette then zapped yet again. One minute he was there, the next gone, but the Arno Action has lived on. It's frightening, really. We try not to consign our Workshop Guests to oblivion too often, but it happens.

I felt guilty, so we all had words later in the bar and Arno was resurrected, apparently none the worse for having been Content Aware Filled. Later as he saw his own super-sized print of Kimmeridge Bay creeping out of the mouth of the large format printer his smile was something to behold. It is a special thing to see an image printed big.


A few of our Guests, minus Arno, on our recent
Jurassic Coast Capture to Print Digital
Workflow Special Workshop at Man O War Bay.

We all spend so much time looking at screens it's refreshing to look at big, beautiful prints for a change. I think it's what got us all into photography in the first  place. It's that pleasure that our Jurassic Coast Digital Workflow Special Workshop is all about; the process of converting an idea into the reality of a print right from the first moment of inspiration through the challenge of capturing the image behind the lens on a twilight shoreline before then processing the raw information in the digital darkroom to finally create an achingly subtle and perceptive work of art. Despite annihilating the odd Guest it seemed to go well judging by the smiles and banter, so we'll be doing it all again next March. We've just gone Live; join us if you dare. If you inadvertently become another victim of the Arno Action we guarantee resurrection by dinner time.

How would you like to join us in Iceland next March as winter morphs into spring?
Photo: ArcticON Iceland

Whilst we're on the subject of workshops we have hot, or maybe I should say cold, news. This year we're offering you the option of joining us on a very special adventure. Come and discover with us the stunning photographic potential of Iceland in all of its great winter beauty. Our Iceland Winter Photography Adventure comprises a 7 day/6 night tour of some of Iceland's most tantalising photographic locations.

You'll be photographing frozen glaciers, icebergs, ice caves, lakes and rivers, waterfalls, seashore, black sands, thermal springs, and mountains from dawn to dusk, and at night. You'll be exploring camera in hand under expert local guidance into ice caves beneath glaciers. You'll be shooting amongst the seals and icebergs. You'll be crouched by the tripod on black beaches littered with nature's artful ice sculptures. You'll be exposing elemental landscapes under the shimmering Northern Lights. You'll be transported to locations few can access in 4x4 jeeps and spacious mountain vehicles. And through it all you'll have the tutoring of myself and a local guide/photographer to help you make the very most of the unique photographic opportunities. Since going Live a few days ago workshop bookings have been busy, so if you're tempted we wouldn't recommend prevaricating.

A wild Exmoor pony on Winsford Hill, 
Exmoor, National Park, Somerset, England.
Canon 5D mkIII, 70-200mm lens @ 200mm, 
1/5 sec @ f32

Additionally following the success of our first Exmoor Photo Explorer Adventure we'll be running the course again November 2014. Bookings for this have just gone Live too; so all in all. 2014 is shaping up nicely. It seems just the blink of an eye ago that we started 2013 holed up in a cottage in Wales beavering away on my third book, The Vision. That book is now flying out of the door daily, destined to stretch Christmas stockings I guess. Remember when you purchase directly from us you get a signed and personalised copy whichcomes with a pack of 5 of my Photography Art Cards worth £10. Of course we also have my two films on photography Chasing the Light and Photography in the RAW plus my previous two books Waiting for the Light and Full Frame. Alternately to save Santa the load there are our Gift Certificates, including one conveniently priced to cover a full year's f11 Membership.

An image from this month's Chasing the Light Online Magazine; Tombstone Valley,
Yukon Territories, Canada. Canon 1Dx, 200-400mm f4 L 1.4X lens @ 300mm, 1/1000 sec @ f9

Ah, f11 membership; the ideal one click of a mouse solution for a present for anyone who loves photography. Every month f11 Membership just gets more valuable with every subsequent edition of our Chasing the Light Online Magazine. This month is typical, with a Behind the Lens feature and accompanying Video Blog from the Yukon. The two Fundamentals of Post Production Video Tutorials include the use of Content Aware Fill, enabling f11 Members to devise their own Arno Action. Meanwhile the How Its Done Video Tutorial concentrates on the use of hyperfocal distance. As if all that weren't enough in The Bizz PR Guru Susie Hallam scrutinises Social Media options for photographers, while the latest in my Seeing the Light series goes nocturnal while exploring the potential for evocative photography under the city lights from Singapore and Sydney to Paris. Then we have a high speed Guest Feature as F1 photographer Peter J Fox takes us into the pits, onto the grid and behind the scenes at the Italian Grand Prix. Finally there's the Member's Gallery, where our f11 Members take the opportunity to garner some constructive appraisal from yours truly. All that and two years of back issues for £3 a month; but that's not all. There's The Composition Tutorials eBook, FREE for f11 Members, and the Your Vision Competition.

What Competition? Well if you haven't already heard, September saw the launch of our brand new competition entitled Your Vision, open and free to all f11 Members. The winner will receive a day's one-to-one tuition with me, with runners up scooping a range of prizes. Time is running out now, so for full details and information on how to enter, visit f11 Members' Your Vision Competition. Please spread the word, and we'll very much look forwards to receiving your entries.

Pont Alexandre III and Les Invalides at night, Paris, France.
An image from the City Lights feature in this month's Chasing the Light Online Magazine.

Coming up on February 22nd we're bringing our Chasing the Light Roadshow to Corsham in Wiltshire as guests of Kingswood Photographic Society. Before that I've some miles to travel and pixels to expose. In fact by the time you read this I'll be gone. Where? You'll have to stay tuned next month. It's all coming your way, unless that is I become the latest victim of the Arno Action.

Finally, a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us at David Noton Photography.

Keep exposing....

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