Long week-end in the Bastille...

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 01 May 2011


What a month! The sun shone thru much of it, the garden is as dry as a hot summer, a Royal fairytale Wedding with an unusual element of normality that bought a tear to the eyes of the diehards. The tale unfolded like a traditional Cinderella story, Cinderella turned into a swan and the guests featured 2 sisters, one was wearing a birds nest in her hair, the other an over sized pretzel! Just as well we are all different.

 Lafayette, Paris, France (David Noton)

We enjoyed our anniversary last month with a trip to Paris with a couple of good friends, all willing to provide David with his mandatory ‘Blurs’ in the shot. I remember shopping in ‘La Fayette’ the ultimate french department store maybe 10 years ago, a building with the most exquisite stained glass dome. I was instructed to take my ‘small’ product down the escalator to pay on the ground floor. Now my french does not reach beyond ‘avais vous’ and ‘comment allez vous, merci and sil vous plais. Needless to say David had accrued many lessons but suddenly lost his confidence when a lady with a rather large beehive and chest ran towards me after the alarm went off!!! I noticed David’s back as he walked out the store, suddenly having a crisis of conscience debating in his head if he would be needing past or present tense - well a short span of time in the Bastille helped solve that!

On this anniversary trip I took our friend to do a little bit of girlie shopping for the ‘small’ treats in life. I was sharing this experience with her as we approached the exit laughing with our PAID for items in their little bags. It was not funny when the alarm went off again, the male security guard appeared out of the woodwork immediately rummaging thru my friends bag. She was cleared and sent thru - then it was my turn - not again, I could not believe it... after mucking about with my BOUGHT treats the guard declared that the lead anti theft label had been left on... (how could it be missed, it was larger than the item!) having a guard playing with ones smalls in front of strangers can take away a little from the experience!!!! This time as my receipt was in the bag, the Bastille was not required!!! 


Lafayette, Paris, France (David Noton)


I know that getting away for many at the moment is tricky due to the huge cost of everything but our nieces put it very nicely recently when we had a day out in Weymouth, less than an hours drive took us on a walk across the beach, passing children on donkeys, fair rides and the mandatory Punch and Judy. Bea turned to me and said ‘This could be France’ yep, we don’t need to go far, how lucky we are.

Fern uncurling
Fern uncurling
Spring bluebells.
Spring bluebells

The bluebells have been the best we have ever seen. Carpets of blue with very little green in between. I took some pictures of some tulips I picked from the garden, they don’t look much like tulips but I love the colour, shapes and movement. It makes it all the harder for us to leave for Italy to run the Umbrian workshops, it goes against the grain when its so fab here.

Spare a thought whilst the weather is so beautiful to getting out there somewhere near you. Local knowledge is so valuable, city or country, take a picnic breakfast or supper and enjoy our green and pleasant land.

Blurs of a Tulip kind.
Blurred Tulips


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