May 2013 - Four Seasons

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Four Seasons

The passage of the four seasons, Stourhead, Wiltshire.

I am desperate to expose. The seasons are passing and I need to be behind the lens, not chained to this infernal computer. I know it’s the dilemma of many a professional photographer; all too often the business of running a photography business gets in the way of actually getting out with a camera. Last month a lot was achieved; my third book is now finished and has disappeared into the abyss of design, I’ve shot a major ad campaign, I’m almost up to date with my editing and we’ve published more eZine delights for our f11 Members, but winter is now finally relinquishing its hold on us and I am desperate to be out on a hill top waiting for the light at dawn. Next week we head south, first for the Alps, then on to Italy. It can’t come soon enough.

We’ll be telling you all about what for now I’ll dub Book 3 before it’s published in October, suffice to say it’s now coming together beautifully. Books are incredibly satisfying projects to work on, but they do tend to take over your life for several months. The week following the delivery of the manuscript to the publisher I felt a huge weight lift from the shoulders as I headed out for a celebratory session by the tripod back at an old haunt I’ve been photographing since I was a photography student in the early ‘80s; Portland Bill. The temptation to re live those halcyon days by reaching for a tobacco grad filter was strong, but I resisted, taste kicked back in and I went for a moody black and white approach. It’s black and white so it must be art, right?

Pulpit Rock, Portland Bill, Jurassic Coast, Dorset.
Canon 5D mkIII, 24-70mm lens @ 41mm, 1/5 sec @ f16, 0.9 ND filter.

Here’s editor Freya Dangerfield to let you know what’s on offer in the latest issue of our Chasing the Light eZine.

In this month’s edition, David continues his seminal series Seeing the Light by considering the warm soft light of that special time of day, namely Happy Hour, on a photo trip to the Limousin in France. He also provides his regular essential Compositional Tutorial; this time measuring up the various perspective options as he views and shoots the Big Landscape in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. For Behind the Lens, we remain in Utah and join David for the first five days of his latest photo expedition to that location. It starts badly, but things definitely pick up! And for Stepping Back, David treads in Constable’s footsteps, photographing the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral on a commission for Visit Britain back in the summer of 2007. Professional photographer and ezine regular Ross Hoddinott pens an intriguing review of the Nikon D800, and this time Anita Stokes provides our regular Guest Feature, sharing her passion for black and white photography framed to a square format. And this month we have a particular treat in store in the form of two instructional videos from David, including his usual exploration of post-production technique this time taking you step by step through the process of stitching panorama.


Colorado Valley and Canyonlands from the Island in the Sky, Utah, USA.
An image from the the Composition Tutorial in this month’s Chasing the Light eZine
Canon 5D mkIII, 24-70mm lens @ 38mm, 1/15 sec @ f8, polarising filter.

And for those of you not yet an f11 member, take a look at the benefits of f11 membership. By joining, you’ll receive full access to the monthly edition of our ezine, plus all back issues, as well as other goodies.

Bookings for our November Jurassic Coast Workshop are going well. It’s a 3 day Capture to Print Digital Workflow Special, and if you’d like to join us I would recommend not thinking about it too long. Alternately there’s always the option of One to One tuition, or Two to One, Three to One, whatever you want really.

All this just to take a picture!
Photo: Jon Gooding

Later in the year we will be re launching the Chasing the Light Road Show with an all new presentation. We’ll have more information for you on that in the coming months. Between now and then we have some tantalising photo trips coming up. I can’t wait any longer though, the quick session at Portland provided some brief relief but it wasn’t enough; the need to expose is just too strong. The bluebells are just starting to bloom in the woods. I’m going to shoot them now.

Keep exposing.


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