Life as a Roadie

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 15 November 2012

Life as a roadie

My butcher said it whilst handing me the steak and our accountant said it only yesterday……..”You have such a glamorous life…..”  Funny how we view each others lives.  By going abroad, it means a holiday. So the fact we went out to France for 2 long weekend workshops in October, 3 days were our own in between the courses rushing back to the glamour of computer office admin heaven…they thought all that time was a jolly…..(some of it is, but not with each other) !!!

We have also been spending time in the car (I know I call the Land Rover the lounge on wheels but…) travelling to Scotland, Stafford and Cheltenham for Roadshow’s, it got to the point where as I exited the car I felt my posture had been compressed into right angles, I was all at 90 degrees of myself!  Pilates would have had a field day trying to lengthen my spine. 

Matt joined us on our motorway adventures setting up our show and Mike visited us in Cheltenham to reminisce over the days of filming for the DVDs and presentations for roadshows, and the hours of piecing it all together ……Because of that, he has seen the show 100s of times more than any man…..I was amazed he was brave enough to view it again although we update sections as we go, half of it was known to him…..maybe the mince pies he sneaked in were laced with alcohol allowing him to travel the world in a floaty haze! I would like to think so. 


All the venues for the talks were fabulous thanks to all involved in the planning……I was beginning to wonder if as a ‘Roadie’ I qualified to throw a TV out of the hotel window into the swimming pool (Isen’t that what Roadies do?) However a huge old fashioned square screen compared with the slimline flat screens of today would not create a stir at all. I don’t think the ‘Holiday Inn’ has a pool either….so maybe not!

Another Roadside Inn was beginning to pail especially after another HUGE builders breakfast, having said that, Scotland's black pudding was yumptious……….

We are thinking that next year is the time to design a new show, that way Mike will not need to lace his mince pies...! David and I took a walk into the past visiting the Nurses home where I lived whilst doing my general nurse training in Gloucester. I was fearful the old house of many a wild night would have been knocked down and turned into new housing.......imagine my mirth when we discovered it is now a Missionary College.....if only they'd known what we all got up to......a walk around the garden took me back 30 years to when it all started.

We decided to take some time out last week when the Autumn colours were a dream at the National Trusts ‘Stourhead’……..I played with my time exposure again to try and make a mystical wood, no men in peaked hats with green tights in sight……that was a relief actually, I never know how to react to that kind of fashion statement!

I want you to know that our up coming trip to Burma is badly needed to regroup, write, shoot and chill. David needs time to stand behind his own lens in preparation of the next book ‘David Noton, The Vision’ out next year.  It is also the time of year for looking forward and making plans for new projects…..feeling brave and turning the cogs to do something different. Being in a different environment helps that process.

If like us you are making plans, then I would like to wish you all the best with a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year…….. 

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