The Day Long Miracle

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 01 July 2012


The Day Long Miracle

Umbria, Italy - a venue to soothe and heal the soul.  I managed to make the second week of our Umbrian Workshop in May.  Leaving a grey cool Bristol for the warm sunny Perugia Airport was a good start after having two hours to unpack and pack again, as well as scan my wedding certificate to pacify Easyjet. Under stress after my mother died I accidently booked the ticket under my maiden name!!!!  If I had not found the original certificate I would have had to of paid the fare again because my maiden self and married self, to them, was not the same person……talk about split personality!  By the time I got on the plane without being pulled aside and questioned because my handbag was forcibly fed thru the gap behind my hand luggage bag and wheelie frame “One item of cabin baggage ONLY……” I began to believe I was going to make it.

After David picked me up and in his usual romantic way offered me a sausage and bit of lamb from the barbeque I was looking forward to my usual Wanderings with my G11 to seek out the wild flowers and insects that frequent those parts. The local walk to the village of Preci provided the sighting of 2 different types of beetles on one of many wild rose bushes. The Egyptians collected shells from a similar beetle to incorporate into jewellery as the green is so luminescent. I like that idea for the mosaics I enjoy doing but even though I am not vegetarian I prefer to see them alive!

Green Beetle on a Dog Rose, Umbria, Italy

Pansies, Umbria, Italy

Black Beetle on a Dog Rose, Umbria, Italy

We caught up with the group of student photographers as usual 6pm on Friday night for the ‘meet and greet.’ With 6 partners to support in exploring the region I was unsure how much energy I had……but everyone was so lovely with diverse backgrounds and the added bonus of wicked sense of humour we had wall to wall laughter, good therapy. A night with the healing power of the frogs croaking and the nightingales singing with a glass of wine was all I needed to chill. Over the week end the owner Raffaele's sister Ida showed us around some of the local churches whose frescoes I had never seen, and to view these in silence with no other visitors present……Assisi eat your heart out, I know which I would much rather do.

In the beautiful Abbey L’Eutizia a large old tomb holds the key to healing bad backs, apparently by crawling underneath it where there was a space about 2m by 0.5m one is cured. All being a bit sceptical we did it anyway as 3 of us had long term niggling backs. Later at dinner I asked my new friends how their backs were as mine was feeling a lot better……surprisingly so was theirs. It was a Miracle.

Seed head of pink jobbie, Umbria, Italy

Cornflowers in barley field, Umbria, Italy

Wild pink jobbie, Umbria, Italy

Soon after this event whilst the ‘photo types’ were discussing lenses, Glynnis was unsure about the tilt and ‘shift’ lens thinking we were talking about a tilt and ‘lift’ bra for the younger woman, needless to say we were all in stitches….. 

The next morning at breakfast after the group had an epic early session with mist en tap we realised that the Abbey forgot to tell us that their miracle only lasted 24hrs….our backs returned to normal overnight……another visit to the Abbey calls! 

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