BEWARE... Beach Huts Crossing!

Category: Wendy's Wanderings 01 October 2011

I continue to live between Dorset and Devon where Mum is very poorly. It is a difficult time and is a joy when I find something that gives me a belly laugh. En route last week whilst driving along Paignton’s seafront I slowed up for a zebra crossing only to laugh out loud at a council sign ceremoniously placed on the pavement - "BEWARE...Beach Huts Crossing". I looked all around me for beach huts in their various primary colours lifting their wood panelling as they tip toed across the road... no, none in sight... if I saw this apparition I am sure I would have stopped anyways... Kept me going for hours that one. That was certainly the first time I came across a sign like that - I am sure they put it out to distract us from driving safely!
Photo : Wendy Noton
Photo : Wendy Noton

Leaving Dorset that morning, again in a rush I was forced to slow up and meditate with my trusted G11. A dragonfly the likes of which I had seen a few days ago had returned to our tiny pond for some interesting behaviour. I asked him to wait whilst I grabbed the camera... he/she was constantly landing on the moss covered wall alongside the pond looking for all the world like it was eating with its tail, maybe it was laying eggs... (if anyone knows drop me a line on [email protected]). It's wingspan was at least 12cm wide and the detail in the wings were mind blowing. We spent a congenial 8mins together, the world stopped and believe me when I say it was better than meditation, which I have never quite managed to master. In the moment of grappling to frame it as best I could before it flew away, nothing else existed - I felt so much more relaxed when at last I had outstayed my welcome and it took flight.

Since this time I have managed a couple of days on a course which focused my attention on printing to textiles. I have had ideas ‘buzzing’ around my head for some years now. Through experimentation, mistakes and achievements I now feel more confident to have a go. Problem is we can’t have threads clogging up David’s all ‘singing and dancing’ state of the art printer so I will have to invest in my own. I hope by next month I will have more than a poppy cushion to show you or at the very least it will have a sleeping bee on it.

Photo : Wendy Noton

Arriving in Devon I noticed a spiders web high up on Mums roof, strategically placed so I could look thru it at the blue sky beyond. I must admit, I stole this idea from Jonathon Gooding who co-runs our workshops with David - picking up the beads of dew on a textile with real beads - can't wait to try it...

I have been home a few days now canvassing for our ‘Roadshow’ on 14th December in Sturminster Newton. This is a relatively new purpose built theatre just right for our show with a stunning wrought iron staircase I am just dying to shoot! If you are stuck for Christmas pressies we have reduced the cost of David’s book ‘Waiting for the light’ to £16.00. A brilliant gift for anyone wanting to travel the world but due to the high cost of everything at the moment, cannot afford a flight!

Photo : Wendy Noton

To all of you out there I hope you are enjoying your craft and remember, if you want a unique shot that no one else has - go to Paignton and look out for those brightly coloured beach huts crossing the road!!!

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