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f11 Your Vision 2016 Competition

We are thrilled to commemorate the Fourth Anniversary of our Chasing the Light Online Magazine by announcing the launch of David Noton’s photographic competition for fully registered f11 Members, entitled Your Vision 2016.

The Competition

We all know that the most important equipment needed for our craft is a Photographer’s Eye; indeed the ability to see strong pictures in a multitude of situations is a fundamental skill to be nurtured. This is what Your Vision Competition is all about: celebrating the process that gives birth to a picture, from the conception of an idea through to the point the shutter opens. The Judges will be looking for f11 Members’ pictures that display the most imaginative and perceptive photographic Vision – it’s as simple as that.

The Prizes

The Winners will receive a day of One-to-One Tuition with David, arranged at a mutually convenient time and location, and there will also be Highly Commended Prizes kindly donated by Canon EuropeLee FiltersAdobe, Manfrotto and Páramo amongst others. 

1st Prize

For the Overall Winning Image that Displays the Most Imaginative and Perceptive Vision:
A 24-hour Dawn-to-Dusk One-to-One Photographic Tuition Session with David Noton.
Plus a 12-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud, donated by Adobe Systems Europe.

Portfolio Prize

For the Collection of Three Images that Best Display a Unique Style and Vision: A 24-hour Dawn-to-Dusk One-to-One Photographic Tuition Session with David Noton. Plus a Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee Bag, donated by Manfrotto UK.

Highly Commended Prizes

For the Best Use of Light:
Chasing the Light Filter Kit made by Lee Filters exclusively for David Noton Photography, donated by Lee Filters.

For the Best Capture of the Decisive Moment:
Prize donated by Canon Europe.

For the Best Spirit of Adventure:
Prize donated by Páramo.

For the Best Composition:
A Manfrotto 055 Tripod, donated by Manfrotto UK.

The Judges

David Noton, Photographer and Founder of Chasing the Light Online Magazine
Wendy Noton, Photo Library Manager, David Noton Photography
Sharyn Meeks, Content Manager, David Noton Photography
Freya Dangerfield, Chasing the Light Online Magazine Editor
Ross Hoddinott, Photographer and Regular Chasing the Light Online Magazine Contributor
Juliet Mcgrory, Picture Editor and Keywording Specialist
Peter Geraerts, Your Vision 2015 Competition Winner, Overall Winning Image
Josh Cooper, Your Vision 2015 Competition Winner, Portfolio Prize
Katie Simmonds, Professional Imaging Marketing Specialist Ambassador & Industry Programs, Canon Europe
Graham Merritt, Head of Product Development, Lee Filters
Richard Curtis, Principal Solutions Consultant, Adobe Systems Europe
Tom Redfern, Creative Director, Páramo Directional Clothing Systems
Mark Langley, Photo/Videographer Network Director, Manfrotto UK 

How to Enter

For full f11 Members to submit their entries, please send no more than five images and the story behind the lens for each shot as as e-mail attachments to by 1200 GMT on 1st March 2016 at the very latest. If you’re not yet an f11 Member, sign up today at so you can make your submission.

Submission guidelines

Your image submissions should be sent to us via email at a resolution of 72dpi with longest dimension no greater than 1,000 pixels, and saved in a high quality (8) jpeg format.

Please supply each image with its own title caption (description, location), technical details (camera, lens, exposure details) and a short story from behind the lens (why, when, set-up) included as part of the image’s file information (metadata).

Please do not add any watermarks to your submissions.


If would like further guidance on how to do this, please watch this video:

There is no entry fee but all entrants must be fully registered f11 Members.

All finalists will have their images featured in a special Your Vision Competition Winners f11 Member’s Gallery in the April 2016 issue of the Chasing the Light Online Magazine with comments on their winning images from the Judges.Our top Prize Winners receive a 24-hour Dawn-to-Dusk One-to-One Photographic Tuition Session with David Noton. Read about the days Peter Geraerts and Josh Cooper spend with David below.

Peter Geraerts, Your Vision 2015 Competition Winner, Overall Winning Image

A day was never going to be enough for me to pick David’s brain. One area I wanted to look at was a more practical approach to location searching. As David says, it is about getting the boots on.

The weather wasn’t great when we arrived on the Wednesday afternoon, but we got out there and took a scout around the Haytor area of Dartmoor. As the afternoon was grey and windy with some rain, it was certainly tough to visualise a sunrise or a sunset, and where and how the light would affect the landscape.

The initial idea was to work on a composition and from there, take a view as to where the sun would rise the following morning, then see if it worked. We arrived at two options: one was Hounds Tor and the other Saddle Tor. Both were strong possibilities for a sunrise shot, but given the additional option of a chance to have a first go at a panorama shot, we agreed on Saddle Tor.

The sunrise was at 5.41am, so having finalised the location and composition the previous day, it was almost a matter of just walking to the spot and getting set up. By some great fortune the sky was clear so we stood there, ‘waiting for the light’. The initial shot was just framing the tree, the rocks and the buildings behind.

The sun rose, the light painted the trees and rocks, and the picture improved. We worked quickly, as David suggested that now was a good time to have a go at a panorama: 12 vertical shots, encompassing the moon and the sunrise at each end of the image, plus the tree and rocks that were part of the initial idea. I took two or three sets of 12, not knowing how well they would work.

We got back to where we were staying, and David loaded the images onto his laptop, using the Lightroom panorama merge function for the first time – then we waited, and waited, and waited. Finally the process finished and the image was produced. My first pano and I’m converted – a great finish to a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day.

Josh Cooper, Your Vision 2015 Competition Winner, Portfolio Prize

I find that photography can sometimes be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. One moment I’m on a high, as I receive the exciting news from David Noton that I’ve won the Portfolio Prize in the f11 Your Vision Competition, and the next I’m full of self doubt, as I worry that my photography has reached a plateau and I don’t know how to keep on improving.

‘Don’t beat yourself up’ was David’s advice on the 24-hour one-to-one tuition session that I had won as a fabulous prize. ‘Us photographers all have moments of self-doubt (does David really have moments of photographic self-doubt, I wonder?) and it’s easy to be too critical of our own work.’

‘True enough,’ I thought, as we headed for the ruins of a castle, hidden in a remote Welsh valley, ‘but can David inject me with inspiration and show me what I should be doing to lift my photography to the next level, in just 24 hours?’ He sure could.

Unfortunately our first location shoot was not blessed with the best light, but it was a revelation seeing how David assessed a location and went about finding the best possible composition. I quickly realised that, whereas I was tending to be over-awed by the dramatic mountain scenery that surrounded me, David was looking at the details in front of him to work out how he could use the shapes and patterns of tumbled-down walls to lead the viewer into the scene and then on to the hills in the far distance.

‘Look at the way this old tower echoes the shape of the mountain beyond,’ explained David, ‘and the way in which these two walls act as wonderful leading lines.’ Yep, I could see this once it had been pointed out, so I notched up my first valuable lesson: stop, look and think about the composition and the graphic shapes that are ever present in our landscapes then work with them to create depth and interest in an image.

The next morning the Welsh weather did its best to prove to David that his belief was correct: it always rains west of Offa’s Dyke. But not willing to be beaten by Mother Nature, we headed for forests and waterfalls, using the overcast light as our friend rather than our foe.

Another master class in location hunting followed, and yet again I tended to get carried away with the dominant feature in the landscape: a dramatic waterfall. ‘This scene isn’t just about tumbling water,’ explained David, ’It’s also about the verdant valley through which the water passes. Think of the falls as just one important factor, but also work with the wonderfully vibrant green canopy of trees and white flowers of wild garlic lining the riverbank. This is a great opportunity to say something about the Welsh landscape in mid May, and you need to include all of these important elements in your images.’

Yes, I could see his point, and yes, I started to get that reassuring feeling that I understood what I needed to do in order to elevate my photography to the next level. But the learning didn’t end next to a waterfall in Wales. David also patiently went through my Lightroom library of images, giving me invaluable hints and tips about other factors I should be taking into consideration. Like many things in life, improving my skills as a photographer wasn’t just about making one big change, but making a number of incremental tweaks, each of which would enhance and lift my final images.

Winning a brand new Canon 5DS wouldn’t have been as helpful as winning 24 hours of one-to-one tuition with David – besides which, I use a Nikon! It’s one of these priceless prizes that only come along once in a lifetime. So my advice to fellow f11 members is to keep the Your Vision Competition in the back of your minds as you go about your photography. If you’re as lucky as I was to be one of the winners, then you’re in for a real treat!

Terms and Conditions

  1. The winners will receive a voucher for a 24-hour One-to-One Photographic Tuition Session with David Noton, to be arranged at a mutually convenient location and date; David Noton Photography will make every effort to ensure the session occurs as soon as possible. Please note the voucher covers only the tuition; travel and subsistence expenses incurred attending the session will not be covered.
  2. All images submitted must be the entrants own work and sole copyright, and must not contain any third party materials including third party trademarks or trade names and/or content that you do not have permission to use.
  3. Copyright of all entries remains with the photographer at all times, but David Noton Photography and Chasing the Light Online Magazine reserves the right to use, publish and republish entries within the magazine and in connection with the competition without payment.
  4. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the competitor agrees to abide by these rules. The decision of the Judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.
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