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Sharyn Meeks, Office Manager,

I started my business in 1985 with a bicycle, a student overdraft and an OM1n. Things have moved on just a bit. Keeping this ship afloat now is a team of people with extraordinary skills and professionalism. The days when a photographer could operate as a one-man band are long gone. Keeping on top of the workflow, the editing, image processing, backing up etc is a never-ending task. And the admin involved in running a busy business is a job in itself. Throw in the tasks of maintaining a website, publishing books, DVDs, cards and prints, staging exhibitions, doing talks, running workshops and letting the world know about it all and you’ve got a major undertaking. Somehow we seem to have assembled a crack crew, I know without a shadow of a doubt they are the best in the game. Here they are, in no particular order.


Wendy Noton, My Wife & Supermodel,

Wendy’s influence permeates every aspect of our operation. Her eye and enthusiasm for the details of nature have subtly over the decades infused into my photography. On the road she shares the day to day practicalities of the travelling life; setting up camp, foraging for food, canoeing, rescuing me from the incoming tide, driving, waiting for the light and providing a counterweight to the mood swings of a photographer on the brink of suicide because no exposures have been made for days. In the office she is a vital link in the workflow and a demon with the healing brush tool. She can knock up a pasta meal in the middle of the desert and thinks nothing of hanging around in the wind and rain for hours whilst I crouch by the tripod. Wendy also has a hat for every occasion, and is the solitary figure in the landscape, treading boldly across the dunes. A nurse of many years experience in the NHS, she’s trained in both general and psychiatric care; kind of useful in this game. 


Freya Dangerfield, Chasing the Light Online Editor

In 2006 Freya took me to the pub, and so my first book Waiting for the Light was born. As Commissioning Editor at the book publishers David & Charles her job was cobbling together the random and disordered ideas of unreliable artists into a shape that could make a viable book, then cajoling them into action. It has to be granted she did a brilliant job with me. Working with her on Waiting was one of the highpoints of my career, and hopefully hers too. In 2011 Freya went freelance, and so following further meetings in beer gardens and Torquay’s M&S a plan was hatched. As my plans for the Chasing the Light eZine evolved I realised I needed help, I couldn’t do it all, and Freya was an obvious choice as Editor. From her lair in Devon she’s making Great Things happen, but next time we have a meeting down your way Freya can we go to the Barn Owl instead of M&S?


Mike Mould, Video Production,

Mike wears two hats in our office; Big Shot Producer from Moving Image Media and the man from Mitab Systems. As producer of the Chasing the Light and Photography in the RAW films he stood behind the camera for hours on cliff tops in Cornwall patiently prompting me as I dropped yet another clanger into my fluffed lines. The previously unseen phenomenon of Mike Mould up and about before 6am was witnessed several times to the astonishment of all. He even indicated he enjoyed the experience, but has since reverted to Night Owl mode. But we’ve plans which will mean many more dawn rises Mike. He’s also the wizard behind the Road Show. Just when he thinks he’s finished one thing I dump another on him. 

Matt Hunt, IT Support & Soundman

Matt is officially The Most Useful Bloke to Know in the World. As one half of Mitab Systems he sorts all our IT stuff. Our office is crammed full of PCs, monitors, scanners etc etc and at any one time there’s something not quite working. Software glitches, corrupted drives, viruses, all that stuff that burden our lives he takes care off. We used to try and sort it ourselves to the detriment of our mental health, often unsuccessfully after wasting hours. Now, we just ring Matt; brilliant. He does seem to spend much of his working life rummaging around under desks. As half of Moving Image Media Matt does the sound on location, he’s the guy with the big fluffy microphone and dubious taste in hats. I first met Matt in a campervan, we were both loosing the will to live whilst having the sanitation system explained to us by the enthusiastic owner. We’ve moved on.


Jon Gooding, Photographer

If you’ve been on any of our workshops you’ll know Jon, my photo mate and fellow tutor. When we started running the workshops in Italy it was a tough job to persuade Jon to come out and help me; sun, mountains, villages, red wine…. he thought about it for about 10 seconds. Jon is a highly experienced commercial photographer based near Dorchester. He shoots everything from gravestones to models. Need to know how to light a packet of chocolate biscuits? Jon’s your man. We think we’re a neat double act on the workshops. You ought to come along and give us your verdict. Jon’s sensor cleaning demo is a classic, I think he brings real gravitas to the role. It was Jon that was the catalyst for my inevitable switch to digital after a joint trip to Barbados in 2005, under the palm trees he converted me to pixels. I must say I have never met anyone who takes quite so much sugar in his tea.

Clare Taylor, Designer

Some people are just so creative. I first met Clare through Jon when I asked for a photoshop tutorial; she introduced me to adjustment layers. The exhibition layout for the Waiting for the Light show was designed by Clare, as were our range of cards and the graphics in the films, Road Show and Despatches+. Clare’s been freelance since the start of 2007 and amongst other things does the graphic design work for the Rizla Suzuki Moto GP & Superbikes teams. But Clare and I share a dark, dark secret regarding our common heritage that can never be revealed. 

Kirsty Paget, Website Developer

Take a look around this website and consider all the elements to it. It is a fully searchable multi-functional e-commerce website with a multi-level membership scheme, galleries, online videos, and a shop catering for multi-type products like booking a workshop, buying prints, books and other products. There’s blogs, eZines, RSS feeds and so on, all very grown up. Our website is fundamentally important to everything we do. You can imagine the planning, development work and hard graft that went into pulling it all together. Well, maybe you can’t; I couldn’t until I entered Kirsty’s aprompt world of data sheets, processes, WYSIWYG editors, hard coding, CMS pages, product variants, metadata, tags, keywords and multi-navigation. There were many times over the months that it took to translate my list of muddled requirements into an attractive fully functioning website when I experienced near paralysis at the complexity of it all. But that’s her game; award winning websites. Good isn’t she?

Juliet Mcgrory, Keywording

My first dealings with Juliet weren’t entirely harmonious. Juliet was my picture editor at the now defunct stock agency Pictor. They had struck upon the neat business model of selling images and not paying the photographer, then leaving the poor picture editor to field the calls from the irate photographers. Inevitably Pictor went bust and Juliet found herself in between jobs. At this time we were just gearing up for the digital revolution, with all digital submissions becoming the order of the day. I needed help. Wendy of course had known this for years. Keywording in particular was going to be a crucial task, and a time consuming one. And so we nabbed Juliet. With her knowledge of the stock photography business and the needs of buyers she was a natural steal. How does she think up the keywords for yet another shot of a French vineyard?

David Noton, Photographer

Here we come to the weakest link. This bloke’s position on the crew muster is looking increasingly tenuous. All he does is ponse around with a camera, creating work and hassles for everyone else. Sharyn and Wendy have had advanced consultations on this and have concluded the ship would sail far smoother without him. An envelope left on his desk asking him to clear his possessions and leave the building under the escort of a security guard is inevitable. And photographers are ten a penny, another could always be bought in when required.

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