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The David Noton 'Chasing the Light' Road Shows and Talks

The David Noton Chasing the Light Road Show Venues:

Join David as he travels the UK and Europe presenting his road show at a club or organisation near you.  Follow the links for more information...

Winchester Photographic Society on 14 March 2017


Every picture tells a story, and behind every picture, there’s a story...

Presenting the Chasing the Light Road Show in Cividale del Friulli.
Photo: Paolo Taffoli. 

Each trip has its own particular challenges, rewards, hassles and tales from behind the lens. Over the years I've stood in front of audiences at photographic clubs, theatres, conferences and trade shows telling some of those stories. In 2008 we brought all that experience together to create the Chasing the Light Road Show.

Now our Road Show has come of age and evolved from a photographer standing by a projector into a full-on audio visual experience with high definition projection, music, video clips, satellite imagery, practical technical backgrounds, anecdotes and of course me, telling the tales from a lifetime behind the lens with images from around the world. We use professional venues where every guest has an unobstructed view of the Big Screen.

The show is approximately two hours of photographic adventure and inspiration with an interval and built in Question and Answer sessions.

David Noton Roadshows

Peru by David Noton

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